Not exactly what I wanted to hear

The dr. appt. sort of went like I was expecting, instead of how I was hoping.  I’m being referred out to a podiatrist.  What I wasn’t expecting was that once I receive the paperwork I can pick any doctor of my choice that will accept my military insurance.  So, I put the word out to our tri-club that I’m hunting for someone near where I work or live who can get me back on the road to training for my first triathlon.

The bad news is that this most likely means I won’t be able to run the Carlsbad 5000 and probably won’t be able to run the triathlon I wanted to run in May (a later race might be more appropriate) because of a late start in training for the run, if I do get to start training again.
She told me at one point that I might want to think about giving up running altogether for awhile because of my weight, but I told her “no” that since I’ve stopped my consistent weight loss has stopped as well, even though I’m still cycling and swimming.  She even mentioned my not doing any sort of activity until I see the podiatrist.

I’m trying to keep a positive outlook but so far, no good.  I have already received several responses to my “podiatrist” request, including a military doctor who specializes in sports medicine.  I’m going to be taking the advice he sent me to heart until I can see an actual person.

No stitching last night.  Too bummed out.  Will be getting on the bike today after work for however long my behind can stand it.

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0 responses to “Not exactly what I wanted to hear

  1. Terri – I know it’s not what you wanted to hear. The best you can do for now is listen to your body and don’t go too far!