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So, where was I? Oh, yeah!

Thank you for your emails this past week. I’m sorry I turned off comments, but I just didn’t want to have a bunch of comments that made me feel like everyone felt sorry for me. I don’t feel sorry for myself that I’ve made this decision – in fact, I’ve had a great stressfree week, knowing what I had waiting for me the upcoming weekend.

This is the first Saturday in a long time that I have absolutely no obligations.  The ONLY thing I have to do this weekend is go grocery shopping.  That leaves lot a ton of room for catching up on my DVR’d stuff, stitching 😉 and maybe a load of laundry or two. I do plan to ride this weekend though.

Kahuna has been fighting off ‘pneumonia’ since the weekend before last.  He finally went to the doctor and had his lungs xrayed this past Thursday.  Thankfully they are clear.  He got pneumonia (for the first time) in bootcamp 100 years ago and didn’t have it again until about 1999, when he got it twice in a 3 month span and has had it (what feels like) every other year since then.  It scares me and I get all hovery and naggy about going to the doctor.  So he’s hanging out in the garage doing some tweaking to his tri-bike instead of surfing like he really would rather be doing trying not to cough up a lung.

I watched the first episode of Fringe bright and early this morning and thought it good enough to keep watching it.  In the past I seemed to miss out on a lot of early showings because we go to bed so early and everything is on at 10:00 p.m. here.  That’s changed a bit since we finally broke down and got a DVR.  I have a couple of West Wing DVDs waiting for me to stitch to today, and this afternoon will find me in front of the TV watching the LSU/Auburn game.  Need I say . . . Geaux Tigers? 

So, where was I?

Training – I finally bit the dust and rode on heavy traffic roads this week.  The first attempt I swear there were a couple of times I actually closed my eyes and prayed that I wouldn’t get run over.  There are a LOT of road-ragers living here that hate cyclists.  I survived and will do it again this week – at a further distance.  Kahuna goes with me and that helps me feel safe.  At least if I get run over, I’ll have a witness 😉

Work – going okay.  The paralegal who went out on extended sick leave 2 weeks after I started returned about 4 weeks ago to work 4 hours a day.  It’s definitely taken a lot of work load off me and I’m starting to get a tiny bit into what I was hired for…personal injury litigation. I’ll miss the criminal work, though.

Reading – I’ll be updating my Books tab (up top) some time this afternoon.  I have several things to add.  I even read the Twighlight saga twice over the past month.  I’m looking forward to the movie release in December.  Have I said lately how much I love my Kindle?  Right now I have some books by James Grippando waiting.  I like his books that feature the character criminal defense attorney Jack Swyteck.   The first book in the series is The Pardon.

Stitching – working on French Alphabet Sampler this weekend.  Before and after photos will be posted soon-ish.  I’m pondering what to take with me to Hawaii next month.  Probably Hannah Beebe since I’m embarrassingly behind (read = not even started) in the stitch-a-long I started and am thinking of also taking Mimi’s Tape Measure kit.  I’ve also pulled out 3 things to have Jill Rensel frame and will make a final decision on that by the end of the weekend.

Stash – I added to my collection this week too. I’ve just now started collecting the Drawn Thread Chartpacks for Sampler of Stitches and received ABC and DEF. I also got Homespun Elegance Delivering Needlewares and Home is Where You Hang Your Needleswork; and Katidid Designs Come Gather (the colors match my dining room).

Puppies – they *trapped* a gopher this morning. It was on the other side of the fence and was a very brave critter. Every time it popped its head out of the ground Harley would spaz and bark like there was a grizzly bear over there. Bandit supervised the whole time. Kahuna said it even kept poking its head out of the ground at him when he was getting the trap ready to push into the tunnel. It was rather a large one as our gophers go and it’s now in the trash bin waiting on the Monday morning garbage truck. It was hard work and the puppies are now recouperating in the sunbeams coming through the windows.

I love weekends like the one I just had!

Nothing special happened, it just was.

Kahuna was supposed to compete in a duathlon on Saturday morning but changed his mind on Friday (His quads are still tight from playing soccer and rocking his 3 mile PFT [19:46]) so this left all day Saturday to do what ever.  And guess what we did!!!! Nothing!  Woohoo!  Okay I did some laundry and he finished building my bike, but we never left the house and it was fantastic.

Today I grocery shopped then we went to get my car detailed, made a return at WalMart (and proceeded to spend $50 on very important “stuff), made an Ulta stop (that place is dangerous to my checking account) and to the bike shop where we bought handlebar tape and I found the perfect helmet to match my bike and tri-“uniform.”  I’m going to be one color coordinated “triathlete” when I come across that finish line.  I even have matching sunglasses that Kahuna bought me this past Christmas, in pink of course! 😆

I have a chicken baking in the oven and am waiting on Kahuna to finishing putting on the tape so I can show you my new toy.  I have no idea if I’m going to name it.  Guess I’ll see how it makes me feel riding.  One thing you will notice is that I’m not using clip in pedals just yet.  I need to get used to riding it and then I’ll switch over.


Up close and personal – but not so focused.

 Tomorrow is my first day at work by myself.  “A” is having surgery tomorrow morning and will be out from between 6 weeks and 6 months depending on what the surgeons find when they “get in there.”  She has been very patient training me and I’m nervous about being on my own, but also looking forward to it.  I have been feeling very satisfied in my work since I started.  It’s so nice to be putting to use what I’ve learned.  I have no time for the computer, barely time to go to the bathroom, and so far I’m loving every minute of it.  Here’s hoping it continues that way.

And every time the camera comes out, so do the hams 🙂

Did somebody say cookie?


So it’s been so long since I blogged – 12 days – that the “new post” section looks completely new!  😆

Since my last post the information overload continues, but it is slacking off.  A couple of new cases have come in and starting from the beginning is a heck of a lot easier to understand than jumping into the middle and not knowing much of the history behind the case.  This is my last week of training, though, since A will be going out for surgery and not returning until sometime in the beginning part of June.  I’ve been out walking a couple of times during lunch, and am getting to know what’s in the area.  I’ve got to stay away from the food places though, since there’s a little bit of everything tempting available.

I participated in the 5K a week ago (that I mentioned in my last post), and it kicked my butt.  The temperature was 15 degrees warmer than what I was used to, I had not been on anything but a treadmill (just following Dr.’s orders), and I probably really had no business out there in the first place, but I’m stubborn.  I did finish.  It wasn’t pretty – I walked the whole thing.  I was in pain for 3 days afterward, but not my heel!  Since my heel didn’t bother me, I’m back out to training on the road this week.  I’m thinking of signing up for a duathlon that is (I think) in mid-June.  Gotta run, twice…gotta bike!

Speaking of ‘gotta bike.’  Kahuna finally got all the parts in for my bike.  It needs the peddles attached, and handlebar tape and air in the tires, and I’m set to go.

Still no stitching to report.  I was planning on doing some tonight, but Kahuna waited until this past weekend to finish our taxes (since we have to pay Federal) and procrastination of something this big freaks me out and I can’t sit and stitch when my mindset is like it is tonight.  The frogs would have a field day.

Thank you for your condolences to Kahuna about his Marine friend – I shared them with him.  The memorial service was this past week and it was sort of an eye opener for him.  It was almost like he just realized how bad things are for those of us who stay behind while they’re over there.  The Marine was actually buried Saturday, week ago, but his wife came back here for the memorial service.  Kahuna made mention of the other wives who were there, and how stoic their faces were.  I reminded him that they were trying to be brave for her and were trying not to show how thankful they were that the memorial service wasn’t for their husbands.  He did have a moment that pissed him off, and that was when someone was extolling the virtues of this fine Marine…he said he could imagine her wanting to scream how unimportant all the words were, and I told him he had no idea. 

One thing this has allowed between the two of us is to talk to him how I feel about his wanting to return.  I reminded him that this Marine was moved to a unit that he wanted to be a part of.  He was given a job he didn’t particularly want, and then was told he was to remain behind to be in charge while everyone else went off to “war.”  He wasn’t happy about that so volunteered to go and train the border guards of Afghanistan/Iraq, and was killed 3 days before his unit (who was in the Horn of Africa) returned to the US.    So now Kahuna’s at a new unit that he wanted to be part of and they deployed to Iraq almost immediately after he attached himself.  He was told he was remaining behind and is currently the acting Sergeant Major of his unit.  He’s not completely happy about this and had mentioned not too long after the deployment took place that he could always volunteer to go and train the border guards if they didn’t let him deploy with the second waive.  Did he see where I was headed with this?  I told him I would be very angry with him for a very long time if he went off like that and got himself killed.  I also asked him if he thought that was fair to me, considering he was supposed to have retired this year, on 9/11

So here I am blogging again after almost 2 weeks and leaving this post on a downer too.  Sorry 🙁

Mental overload

Started the new job yesterday.  So far the pros are J.E.A.N.S.!, great free parking, 10 minute drive, like everyone (including boss’ wife), staying busy, jumped straight into the fray by firing off some letters re evidence.  Cons, no direct deposit of pay, staying busy, feel so lost, information overload! 😀

I registered for my first tri – a Subaru race in October.  Bike still not built since Kahuna can’t find some of the parts he put aside, so new ones are being ordered.  I haven’t had the energy to take a picture of what has been put together, but I will remedy that shortly.  I promise.  Heel doing so-so and am hopeful of participating in 5K this coming weekend, even if I have to walk the whole thing.

No stitching to report.  I was supposed to work on Hannah Beeby and Ann Holewll, but no energy left to spare during March.  I’m getting my act together this week with the new work routine and will deal with stitching best I can when I can think in the evenings.  I have an hour and 15 minutes for lunch everyday where the office is completely locked up and phones turned down.  I read and caught up on my email today.  I’m trying to figure out a routine.  I want to walk 3x a week, plus there’s a Farmer’s Market 2 blocks away that I’d like to browse.  I also have several books that have been waiting so I may just read at lunch and stitch in the evenings.  I know the mental overload I’m feeling right now will dissipate as time goes on; however, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed since I have until the 17th to find my niche since Paralegal is going out on extended leave of absence for surgery.

And while I hate to end this post on a downer, Kahuna lost a friend in Iraq on Sunday.  Please keep that Marine’s wife and 3 young children in your prayers, and Kahuna in your thoughts as he deals with this.

Just a post

I meant to write yesterday, but work was weird and I got really busy toward the end of the day on a bunch of nothing.

Boss’ grandson decided to hitch a ride with his skateboard behind a pickup truck this past weekend and ended up in ICU with head trauma.  I’m having a tough time being totally sympathetic for several reasons, but mostly because he was old enough to know better, didn’t wear his helmet (which has caused him to have staples put in his head before), and was told by the truck driver to stop but he chose to duck down to not be seen, which reiterates the old enough to know better.  My sympathy goes to Boss who is distressed over this accident.

I made it to the gym last night and was shocked at how many people were there.  No bikes or treadmills available so I only swam.  I’m trying to increase the yards I swim by 100 every time I go to get back into my training distance.  I’m going to have to just suck it up and get my behind on the saddle at home.  I know I’ll build up tolerance but I’ve never been one for pain, and have a lot of trouble with self-induced pain.

Kahuna didn’t go to the gym last night.  I’m so glad I didn’t wait on him.  I did give him a hard time about it, but he’s decided to go in the morning before work, which means he’s getting up at 4:30 a.m. (and waking me up with his getting-ready noise).  I know I could probably go early as well, but I’m already getting up at 5:30 to leave the house by 7 to drive my 1 hour commute (which he’s also having to drive now) and if I get up earlier, I’ll have to go to bed earlier, and when am I going to stitch?

Plus, we’re running into other problems with us both working south.  The dogs need to get their shots updated.  This means we have to drive back to the house to take them to the Vet’s and either take the rest of the afternoon off, or drive back to work.  I also still go to the doctor at the same place, which entails the same scenario of taking the dogs to the Vet’s.

We need to move.  I don’t know that I’m going to be a very happy person by the time April gets here.

Tonight is a trip back to the gym to visit with my PT, get at least 15 minutes of organization time in my office, take a photo of FAS (since I finished the 4th page), and stitch while watching Biggest Loser (which I haven’t decided whether I like this season or not).

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