Regaining old habits

It has not taken me very long to get back into some of my old stitching habits…you know, stash acquisition! I’m currently waiting on the following:

  1. Au Fil de Reves – Chatelaine Promenade a Bagatelle
  2. Moira Blackburn – Friendship Sampler
  3. Good Huswife’s book of OOP charts (release during Feb’s market)
  4. about 15 skeins of NPI for my HRH designs
  5. several Prairier Schooler santa charts
  6. and a couple of other charts that are on a list on my desk at home.

I also need to renew my subscription toSampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly, which I sadly let lapse during my absence.

I am almost finished with the 3d page of FAS. I probably could have finished it last night, but we were watching Sky Captain, World of Tomorrow, and I kept having to frog.

I’m so happy it’s Friday. Not only is it payday, but we’re expecting rain this weekend, which means hybernation. Lots of DVD watching, a crockpot of something, nuggling with puppies, and stitching! Wow it feels so good to have that feeling again. I do have a nail appt. first thing Saturday morning, plus my WW mtg and the commissary first thing Sunday morning, but I plan on spending the rest of both of those days putting around the house and accomplishing the above.

This week’s SBQ is: Are you starting something new to celebrate the New Year or participating in “Guilt Free January?” If so, what are you planning on starting?

I really thought about starting something new just because it was January, but decided against it. If you look at that tab at the top that says 2008 goals you’ll easily find my other GFJ starts, which are still loved, but languishing in my WIP bin. I am planning on starting something small this month, but only because I want a smallish design, not because it’s January.

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0 responses to “Regaining old habits

  1. I can’t wait to see an updated pic of your FAS on your stitching page. *hint hint* 😉

  2. It sounds like you will have the perfect weekend! Enjoy!

  3. Enjoy your stitchy weekend! We are having a ton of rain too. It’s the perfect weather to curl up with needle and thread. 😀