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Nonsense Friday

I’m at home waiting on the housing maintenance people. I have some “meme” catching up to do plus have seen a few fun things in blogland this week so I’m going to put them all in one post. Afterward I’m going to spend a bunch of time decluttering my office and then maybe get serious about stuff. Maybe.

From Susan:

Which of Henry VIII’s wives are you?
this quiz was made by Lori Fury

From Melissa:

Answer the questions and type your answer into Google images search. Post a photo from the FIRST results page. (this can be tough!!)

Age you will be on your next birthday?

Place you would like to visit?


One of your favorite places?


Your favorite object?


Your favorite food?


Your favorite animal?


Your favorite color?


Name of a past pet?


Where you live?


First grade teacher’s last name?


Middle name? I use my maiden.


A bad habit of yours?


Favorite flower?

Favorite holiday?


This week’s SBQ was suggested by Outi
( and is:

What is your favorite past time while stitching? Do you just enjoy
silence, listen to music/audiobooks or do you “watch” TV/movies? Do
you have specific favorites you listen to/watch while stitching?

Yes, to them all! LOL There are some mornings on the weekend when I just want to sit and listen to the silence while I stitch. I don’t think about anything in particular except the sound of the fiber going through the fabric. As to TV, a lot of the time I’ll put in a DVD that I’ve seen a bagillion times and listen to it and form the picture in my head instead of looking up. I tried audio books without success but have been meaning to try them again in an unabridged version since I seem more distracted by what’s left out than by what is being read. I’ll also listen to my fave radio station which broadcasts on our TV and computer.

Friday! Woohoo!

No meeting with PT last night. Don’t know why I haven’t heard from her either. That seems to be how things are going for me lately. My manicurist, who has been a friend for 5+ years flaked on me too, and even though I’ve called her 4 times, no return call. I try to give people a 2nd chance, but I think this pretty much wraps up that relationship.

I don’t know why I didn’t just go ahead and hit the gym last night. I’m having a heck of a time getting my mojo back. Kahuna will be getting up bright and early to surf tomorrow morning so I’m putting in a drag my lazy azz out of bed wakeup call in with him to go in the morning.

It looks like I’m way ahead of schedule to finish the 4th page of French Alphabet Sampler (probably because I’m being lazy in the fitness department and have spent it stitching instead). In fact, I might even knock it out tonight, depending on what happens when I get home from work, if not definately this weekend. I’ve decided that since I met that stitching goal, I’ll go ahead and start a small something or other for the rest of the month.

I did start pulling DMC for A Parrot, A Leopard, A Lion last night. The blues are so vivid! I could not believe how many of the colors I didn’t have though. Looking for them forced me to spend some organizing time in my office as well and I’m half-way through converting my DMC over from plastic shoeboxes to the drawers I put in my stash cabinet. The time consuming part of that is making the little labels for the drawers.

I need to make a trip to Joann’s this weekend anyway since my bulb in my OTT finally burned itself out a couple of days ago. I cannot believe it lasted 5 years. I’m fortunate to have 2 floor lamps so I just switched the bulb out of the other one, but need to get it replaced before I forget. I’ll pick up the other DMC as well.

This week’s SBQ is an easy one for me.

What was your favorite finish of 2007? I only had 1 finish in 2007 and it was almost a 2006 finish. The Token. It’s the #1 item on my to-be-framed list and that will happen this year since I’m entering it in the county fair.

Regaining old habits

It has not taken me very long to get back into some of my old stitching habits…you know, stash acquisition! I’m currently waiting on the following:

  1. Au Fil de Reves – Chatelaine Promenade a Bagatelle
  2. Moira Blackburn – Friendship Sampler
  3. Good Huswife’s book of OOP charts (release during Feb’s market)
  4. about 15 skeins of NPI for my HRH designs
  5. several Prairier Schooler santa charts
  6. and a couple of other charts that are on a list on my desk at home.

I also need to renew my subscription toSampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly, which I sadly let lapse during my absence.

I am almost finished with the 3d page of FAS. I probably could have finished it last night, but we were watching Sky Captain, World of Tomorrow, and I kept having to frog.

I’m so happy it’s Friday. Not only is it payday, but we’re expecting rain this weekend, which means hybernation. Lots of DVD watching, a crockpot of something, nuggling with puppies, and stitching! Wow it feels so good to have that feeling again. I do have a nail appt. first thing Saturday morning, plus my WW mtg and the commissary first thing Sunday morning, but I plan on spending the rest of both of those days putting around the house and accomplishing the above.

This week’s SBQ is: Are you starting something new to celebrate the New Year or participating in “Guilt Free January?” If so, what are you planning on starting?

I really thought about starting something new just because it was January, but decided against it. If you look at that tab at the top that says 2008 goals you’ll easily find my other GFJ starts, which are still loved, but languishing in my WIP bin. I am planning on starting something small this month, but only because I want a smallish design, not because it’s January.

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