So, this happened

I’ve been participating in a “photo a day” event for the past couple of months. I’ve surprised myself in that I’ve posted every single day. Next month looks hard (we’re given a word or phrase to interpret in a photo). But, the whole reason of sharing that is my subject line.  That was yesterday’s subject and I immediately thought it would be a great subject for today’s blog, because this happened!


This year’s Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt clues have started and I attended a kickoff party yesterday.  Many old friends were there from the guild and AZ Blankets and I made some new friends.


I feel really blessed by the amount of quilters I’ve met and the groups I’m part of.

Last year there was a much smaller group for Celtic Solstice. Here are a few of the ladies with theirs.


Mine is still at step 3 🙁

There was a whole lot of talking, cutting, pressing, sewing, and eating.

Our cake


My first block, with a label for each of us made by one of the ladies.


A block from (almost) each of us


and the 15 I managed to finish


I have all 100 each black and yellow pieces cut, and a total of 233 pairs of HSTs cut. I got many of those HSTs sewn together yesterday, as well. I have a light schedule this week and I’m hoping to get the rest done by Friday, when the next clue comes out. I still need to cut 77 pairs of HSTs.

A huge shout out and thank you to Angela of The Modern Diary for organizing us. I tease her that she may be Bonnie Hunter’s number one fan, but I’m hers. She’s so proficient!

I’m still stitching on my SamSarah Laniappe but no updated photo. The Lizzy*Kate mystery is patiently waiting and I’ve added a couple of small new items to my to-do pile.

2014-11-30 10.55.45Looking forward to some football and stitching.  I’ll be linking up to Bonnie’s link party.


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4 responses to “So, this happened

  1. So cool Terri that you were at the Grand Illusion party with the cake! I saw that on Facebook! I am doing it too! I have step one cut out and have started but will take my time! I look forward to seeing your progress.

  2. Awe thanks girl! Wish I had known you last you to invite you, but you are in now! Last year we gifted cute little stockings to everyone this year the label. I love that idea if Ros will continue to make them I will pay for the stuff to do it. My gift to all the quilters that bless my life! Thanks for being my #1 fan. I think when Bonnie comes I need to wear my Bonnie’s #1 fan shirt and you need one with Andee’s #1 fan on it–hahah!

  3. Ooh, this GI party sounds like so much fun! Sewing with a bunch of friends is just the best!

  4. Looks like lots of fun at the GI kick off sew in. You made a lot of progress. Just getting all those HSTs cut out is a time challenge.