Numbers don’t lie

This is going to be another painful, for me, post. My last weapon came in Wednesday and I purposefully put it aside and didn’t touch it until yesterday. I’ve had some “that’s life” things going on this week and I didn’t want it to influence the decisions I was making. I know that events are going to come up where I make not-so-healthy food choices (like that PBJ I had). I can’t believe how angry I was with myself over that, but I’m glad. I now have things on my grocery list that will help me make batter decisions in the future. Now, here’s my new weapon:

2014-08-05 06.55.44

I have a first generation Tanita scale that is over 6 years old. Actually it about 12, but it belonged to Mister first, and it was 6 years ago that I used it last.  I know this because it’s set for when I was 49.  The directions are long gone, and I’ve thought about replacing it many times (Mister has a newer, high-tech version), but it still weighs fine, so I decided to get a hand-held weapon that will calculate my fat percentage and BMI.  Ouch.  In the past I probably would have wept.  Now I’m just mad that I let myself get to this.

So. This week’s numbers:

Beginning weight:  266
Last week: 257
This week: 255.8 (-1.2)
Total loss to date: -10.2

Beginning measurements: (C 45.5 – W 47.8 – H 54.8)
Last week / This week:
Chest 45.5 / 45.2 (-.3 / -.3)
Waist 47.8 / 47.2 (-.6 / -.6)
Hips 54.8 / 54.6 (-.2 / -.2)

Beginning fat%/BMI: 47.2% / 40.6

Was I disappointed to see a 1.2 pound loss instead of something in the 2’s like it’s been? Yes, but then no. I’ve lost 10.2 pounds in 4 weeks! It’s been so easy! Frightfully so. This past week I ate bread. I drank a beer. I went out to lunch. I had an ice cream. I had movie theater popcorn (without the extra “butter”) and I shared a diet soda with Mister while we enjoyed a movie. These are the “that’s life” things that I mentioned in the first paragraph that I know are going to happen. That I want to keep happening. This time, though, I refuse to wait until tomorrow to get back with the program.

The movie was yesterday afternoon. I had an excellent breakfast and lunch, enjoyed that popcorn and diet soda (well, not so much the soda), then had an excellent dinner. No, I’m not going to make an excuse. I’m not going to “blame” the lack of a “2” on water retention from the popcorn last night. I’m going to “blame” anything at all.

This morning when I went downstairs for my coffee I found this on the counter.

2014-08-05 07.08.52

Mister told me he pulled them out to read the contents/nutrition info to decide whether to keep them or throw them out 😀

Oh, and there’s one more weapon I completely forgot about. The camera. I’m not going to shy away from that anymore either. I’ve lost too many wonderful memories because of it.

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4 responses to “Numbers don’t lie

  1. Alberta Sue Bennett

    Terri, don’t be so hard on yourself over that PBJ. There is nothing wrong with one. I have them at least once a week with the grandbabies.

    • Sue, I’m trying to stick to a Paleo diet, which means no grains and no legumes. That’s bread and peanuts. However, I’m no so much upset about the PBJ as I am that I didn’t have a Plan B. LOL I’m looking at it as a learning experience and moving on. 😀

  2. Good for you!!!!!! Lots of changes and your attitude is awesome!

  3. Terri, You continue to inspire me. Keep up the hard work–and don’t beat yourself up for alllowing yourself things here and there. I am doing much the same. Last night I had a slice of pizza and a bit of non-whole wheat pasta (first time in six weeks for that)–and the meter reflected it in a horrible way. Sigh. We just move on, and strive to make better choices. (Last week’s one pizza slice with very thin crust and no pasta on the side did fine.) We can do this!