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I’m still stitching sporadically on Good Things. I received a new cookbook from Mel last week and have found myself reading it instead of stitching. LOL Thank you Mel. I will definitely be using some of those recipes.

I’ve also been working in my studio. Mister finally got my cork board put up, and cut some shelves for over my computer area. I’ve usually only ever been able to listen to my TV when in my room because it’s an old flat screen that turns everything negative looking unless you’re standing directly in front of it. That rarely happens, even if I’m standing at the cutting table, where the TV is. We went the DirectTV route this week and I now have no TV reception in my room. I’ve decided to get a Wi-Fi DVD box so I can stream Netflix/Amazon movies, and I’m going to be upgrading my TV, too. We took a little shopping trip last week to buy a new router and I found exactly what I’m looking for. I still haven’t painted in there, but my “box of influence” is sitting at the top of the stairs waiting on me to take a piece of it to Lowe’s to match a paint color.

Here’s what the wall looks like for now:

2014-08-05 07.13.56

The cork board is going to be trimmed out in white to match the other trim in my room, and I’m going to cover the cork.  That’ll have to wait until I get the room painted since I want a fabric that will go with it.

Remember this stack of plaids, in the corner, from Son’s quilt?


I tried to give it away (the person never showed). I am a dunce. I completely forgot that Nephew-J also traveled the world since his dad was in the Air Force. I’ve decided to use it and made him a Bonnie Hunter Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt.  This quilt has been high on my to-do list and I know I have plenty of black and neutrals in my stash for the 4-patches. I can’t wait to start cutting into them again.

Tonight I have my very first Quilt Guild meeting. I feel like a kid showing up in a new school district. 😉

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One response to “Studio stuff

  1. Alberta Sue Bennett

    Good choice for that stack of plaids. I like it.