Ginger Beef Stew

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This is one of those recipes that I’ll be tweaking the next time I made it, but man oh man, did I love it.  I wanted to eat the leftovers for breakfast the next morning but made myself wait for lunch, and then there was plenty for Mister and I to have for dinner, too!

Ginger Beef Stew

2# stew meat
2 lg yams (Not sweet potatoes.  You want the yellow ones.) Cut into bite size pieces
4 lg carrots, thinly sliced
3 stalks celery chopped
1-2 T fresh minced ginger
1 can coconut milk (whole fat, and shake it before you open it)
1 T coconut oil divided

Cut up your veggies, and mince your ginger before starting.  Pour the milk into a dutch oven, stir in the ginger, dump in the veggies, and set your heat to medium low.  Divide your oil into a separate pan, and brown half the meat.  Dump the whole thing into your dutch oven; add the remaining oil and meat to your pan, and brown it up.  Dump it in.  By this time you should have a good simmer going on your dutch oven.  Stir everything up the best you can.  It’s going to look like you don’t have enough liquid, but it’s going to cook down, and thicken up.

Cover and cook for about 25 minutes.  Stir a few time and check the tenderness of the meat and potatoes.

NOTE:  Next time I make this I’m going to cook it for 20 minutes, then add in my potatoes and cook for 15 (or until they’re tender).  My potatoes were too soft for me.  I will share those results.

As shared in my previous post I’ve had a good weekend.  Another trip we made was into Scottsdale to visit the Williams-Sonoma store.  I received a birthday gift card 3 years ago (I know, bad, bad Terri) and finally spent it on this month’s new kitchen tool(s).  I love them.  If you bigify the picture you can see on the bottom the different grinds you can get.  The pepper grinds down to super, super fine (6 different grinds altogether), and the salt had 3 different grinds.

2014-08-03 17.29.47

It’s been a lazy day for me. After staying out so late last night, I got out of bed really late and watched NASCAR, baseball, and now NFL’s on.

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  1. Love the salt & pepper mills! They look awesome.