Get it done in July

I never made a post about what I wanted to accomplish in June, but I did have a written list.  I wasn’t 100% successful, but got a lot done.

1. Move all fabric from drawers to cabinets
2. Rearrange bookcases
3. Finish organizing studion- still need some shelves
4. Organize quilting projects
5. Finish quilting gift project – just need to finish binding
6. Cut 160 squares for Son’s Quilt
7. Sew Scarlet House pin pillow – didn’t even pull it out
8. Continue on And The Sinned
9. Prepare Caramel Corn for sewing

For July, I’m keeping it easy since I’ll be traveling and I’ve started working part time:

1. Finish organizing studio
2. Finish binding gift project
3. Start cutting sashing for Son’s quilt
4. Sew Scarlet House pin pillow
5. Continue on And They Sinned
6. Finish applique on Caramel Corn
7. Cut fabrics for hexagons

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