Are you enjoying the Olympics?

I thoroughly enjoy watching the swimming, triathlons, track and field, etc., but the gymnastics this year has been full of drama and surprise.  If you enjoy gymnastics, you may enjoy these:




As a postscript.  Thank you for your comments, and private emails, over my clothing dilemma.  I especially want to thank Glenna for your link to  I have looked at that site a hundred times, but they didn’t carry ‘true’ triathlon-wear.  It looks like they’ve changed some, which gives me more options.   One note about their triathlon shorts.  They are NOT padded, so they’re really just compression shorts.  I did receive some shorts from the site I posted about and they fit wonderfully.  I ordered 2 different sizes and am pleased to say that I have to return the larger of the two and am going to exchange them for a smaller size.  Still working on a top, but I think I have that figured out.    In any event, can you hear the sigh of relief?

I went out on a very short (1 mile) bike ride with Kahuna this evening.  He’s giving me pointers, which I really need.  The main one is that I need to start riding every single day between now and the race — which by the way is exactly 2 months from today!  Eek!  I’m still wobbly, and he’s worried I’m going to piss off the more experienced racers.  I don’t want to do that but a little part of me is thinking that this race *is* a beginner’s type race, so the more experienced racers should probably expect for we novice folks to inconvenience them somewhat…but again, I don’t want to do that.

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0 responses to “Are you enjoying the Olympics?

  1. Terri, it’s been a while since visiting your blog (life is out of control sometimes) and just wanted to tell you that I always find it inspirational and uplifting. I have such respect for you and your perseverance towards meeting your health goals.

    Hope to see you and the other gals very soon. It’s been way too long.

    Karen H.

  2. Thanks for the fun videos!

    I so admire your hard work and dedication to your goals. I wish I had it, too, Terri.

    Take care.

  3. How is your training going? Getting closer to race time!!

    Good luck!!

  4. Terri – I wanted to comment on your most recent post (about “joy”), but you have the comments turned off. I guess I could just send you an e-mail, but since I’m here, I’ll just add a comment to this post.

    I’m sorry that you’ve decided that triathlons aren’t a joy in your life – reading your progress over the past year has been great, but I understand your decision to go back to being a supporter.

    It sounds like you could use a {{{hug}}}

    Does this mean we’ll be seeing more stitching finishes? 🙂

    Have a great weekend!