Stitchin’ ‘n’ Switchin’

How’s that for a title!

I’m still sewing away on Abbygayle’s Scraps.  I got totally aggravated last week and put it away for several days.  I couldn’t get my squares to the right size (too small) and I couldn’t figure out why my seam allowance kept getting off.  I figured it out (index cards carry a magic formula) and have been a happy quilter yesterday and today.  Here’s a tiny peek at some beautiful (to me) scraps.

DSC01450There will be 36 of these lovelies.  You can see a couple more stacks of 6 under my sewing table in the upper right corner.

As to the “switchin'” portion, I’ve finally put And They Sinned aside.  Here’s where I’m leaving it:


I’m going to attempt to switch every Monday between And They Sinned and a Summer Soiree project.  I really want to get some of the beautiful pieces from this past summer’s Soiree finished before the new one gets here!  🙂

This is The Scarlett House’s A Sampler Grows.  It’s a sweet pincushion and fob.

DSC01449I received notification that my new toy has shipped!


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6 responses to “Stitchin’ ‘n’ Switchin’

  1. Love your ATS!!!!!!! And what a sweet little piece by Tanya :-)!!!!!! Quilt squares are pretty too.

  2. Beautiful stitching. Is that embroidery or cross-stitch. It’s lovely. Stopping by from Find a Friend Friday.

  3. Great progress on ATS, it’s looking gorgeous & Tanya’s piece is lovely