Still 'gutting' it out

Kahuna has a plane load of Marines coming back from Iraq tonight (Woohoo!!)  so we decided to switch our movie night to last night (we saw Wall-e).  Because it wasn’t planned, we headed out for something ‘light’ for supper.  I ended up getting a chicken burrito, and even tho I asked for no beans, they substituted pintos for black beans.  There weren’t very many on there because I wasn’t really sure I was tasting them, but this morning, I knew for a fact that they were.  Beans K.I.L.L. me and my stomach was cramping so bad this morning that it woke me up.  I’m so sensitive to them  that I’m surprised I wasn’t hurting about a half hour after I ate them.  It’s now 3 hours after my shuffle around the neighborhood and I’m still in pain.  It made me so much slower because all I could focus on was my stomach and not my stride.  I am seriously praying that it goes away before swimming tonight. 

Kahuna lowered the nose of my seat last night so we’ll see how that works out tomorrow.  I know just a smidge can help considerably.  Of course I’ll try out the other bajillion saddles we have in the garage before spending the money on a new one, but I’m looking at the Koobi tri saddle if what we have doesn’t work.

Even though I haven’t raced my first triathlon, I’m already planning next year’s races.  I want to do the super sprint in May that I originally was supposed to do this year, but didn’t get to because of my PF (which is doing 90% better thankyouverymuch!). 

I also want to do a sprint early in the season before it gets too warm here (I was amazed at how hot it was at 8 a.m. a couple of weeks ago at Kahuna’s race, and could not imagine running on that concrete in that type of heat for an hour). 

Lastly, I am planning on doing the Subaru super sprint again next October, just so I can see how much I’ve improved my time. 

However, Darla’s comment below has made me go ‘hmmmmm’ and now I’m thinking about a relay before a full race by myself.  It would give me a chance to do a full open ocean swim without having to worry about the biking and running portion before attempting to do it all on my own.

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0 responses to “Still 'gutting' it out

  1. I’m sorry that you’re dinner didn’t sit well with you. 🙁 I hope you’re feeling better today.

    I took DS to see Wall-E opening weekend. We both enjoyed it.