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Surprise!  Or maybe I should say, be careful what you say.  In my last post on February 1 (yikes!), the last thing I said was that I would be back to let you know what type of trouble I had been into.  Well……get ready for a long, picture-free catch up post.

Sunday night, February 3, I came down with the norovirus, and it wasn’t pretty.   It was rather easy to rule it out as food poisoning since Mister and I ate the exact same things all day long (Super Bowl Sunday).  I can say that I have never been more frightened in all of my life about being sick.  At one point I thought I was on the way to the emergency room, since I was throwing up so violently my nose was bleeding, and I managed to separate my ribs under my right arm.  Scary stuff!  I couldn’t eat any food for a couple of days and drank as much Gatorade as I could that first two days.  It took me the better part of a week to be able to take a shower and dry my hair without breaking out in a sweat from the activity.

We had excellent seat tickets to The Who concert that Wednesday night and Mister ended up getting valet parking next to our gate so I wouldn’t have to walk far.  I was also on an aisle seat in case I felt the need to get out of there in a hurry but it was all good and while I was tired by the end of the evening and slept extra late the next morning it was “adventure” free.

Then, of course, I got sick again.  This time it was a head and chest cold that would not go away.  Naturally I had to cough and feel like I was going to split open since I was still somewhat recovering from my ribs hurting.  I was worried it was trying to turn into bronchitis.  Yesterday was the first day in a long time that I haven’t coughed.

Other than that the other trouble I’ve been up to is putting away what I purchased at the Quilt Fair (where I probably caught that nasty virus), I’ve cleaned up more in my room, started sorting through what I’m going to sell, and attended my first Jo Morton Little Women Club meeting at 3 Dudes Quilting.

Let me share the funny about that!

I live very far south of Phoenix and our weather was unbelievably freaky last Wednesday.  Knowing we were in for some heavy rain and I knew I lived at  least an hour away from the shop I left the house at 8:15 so I could get there  when the shop opened at 9:30 to look around — new shop to me. The people and instructor in the class were SO friendly and it was obvious that several of them have been quilting together in classes for a long time (some even just got back from a cruise).  They made me feel like one of them. The instructor put the first “block” of the quilt on the board and I knew immediately something was off.  While she kept talking about how she chose her colors and about the finer points of making the block I pulled my phone out and looked up the flyer online and duh, I was in the wrong class!  LOL  I’m such an airhead! LOL  My class didn’t start until 1….not 10!  I quickly packed up said a hasty “oops, I’m in the wrong class” and tried to leave.  They tried to talk me into staying but I told them I had errands to run.  I called Mister when I got in the parking lot and told him what happened and he told me to occupy myself in this part of the state since the weather was so nasty. While I was out I grabbed some lunch and discovered that it was snowing in my part of the state.  It NEVER snows in my part of the state! Anyway, when I went back to class I talked to the instructor, we both got another laugh out of me, and then I settled in for the correct class. I was there all of about 30 minutes getting instruction and then I went fabric shopping.  I guess all clubs start with the same quilt?  Abbygale?  (I’ve since learned from Jo Morton that the instructions are sent to the shops in alphabetical order so most shops just keep them in that order when they give the classes.)  I decided that I wanted to use the opportunity of taking these classes to get myself out of my comfort zone with fabric colors so I’m using Crimson Bouquet and Toasty (that I bought at the Quilt Fair) for my quilt. I think I’m really going to like this group.  It’s a different feel from the other classes I took last year.

Mister and I went to the Arizona Matsuri Saturday.  It was for his Asian Studies course he’s taking for a cultural studies requirement to graduate.  It was so nice.  I could have stayed and listened to the Taiko drummers all day.  We ate there, and I will admit I was nervous about doing so.  I have become an almost OCD hand washer/sanitizer, and I don’t like eating with something a stranger has touched, since being sick.  Anyway, we also went to the Bonsai exhibit.  Mister has said many a time that he wanted to try it, but I think now we’re ready.  We brought back several beautiful Bonsai pottery pieces from Japan and have been using them for regular houseplants and various other decorative pieces, but now we’re going to start using them what they were created for.  I’m excited.  Another new hobby!  😀

After the festival we stopped by Road Runner Sports and I had myself fitted for a new pair of walking shoes.  It’s expensive, but I’d rather pay it out in cash than have trouble with plantar fasciitis like I have in the past.  I tried them out this morning for a short, brisk walk in our 39 degree weather.  I’m planning on walking every weekday morning, then quilting for an hour afterward as a reward.  We’ll see how that goes.

So, that’s where I’ve been!  Hopefully this finds me back blogging again more regularly.

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