Oh my, I neglected my blog again

I don’t know how this has happened, and I’m sad about it.  I love blogging but for some reason I’ve stopped.  I need blogging more than it needs me because this is my diary.  I love going back and reading old posts and seeing where I was a month, a year, 2 years ago.  Of course if I were to see where I was a month ago, I’d find myself missing.  Before I try to catch up I’ll respond a bit to the comments on my last post:

Gas is still high here, like everywhere else.  I did see it get to $4.80 but fortunately I never had to pay that price.  By the time I had to fill again it had dropped back to $4.70 something.  Right now it’s hovering around $4.60.  I could say I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one suffering with the gas prices, but I love my stitching blogging friends too much to wish that on them.  Gas prices suck the big one for everyone right now.  Kahuna is talking quite a bit about trading in his BMW M3 on a car that gets better gas mileage.  He loves that car, so I know it’s something he’s given a lot of thought to if he’s really serious.  He hasn’t gotten to the test-drive stage yet and I keep reminding him that the next new car is mine.  I’m thinking me and my purse would look good driving around with a car that bears this emblem.


I’m still not convinced it’s time for me to return to school.  The Marine Corps has just about approved for members to transfer their education benefits to family members if they’re not going to use them.  I’m sort of holding out to see if that’s going to happen.  Of course, now that they’re throwing actual dollar amounts around Kahuna is thinking of retiring and going back to school to get the monthly allowance being offered to students.  I could smack him since for him it’s about having more money to live off of while he surfs.  For me, it’s about furthering my education (okay, being able to make more money to buy purses and shoes) but honestly I don’t want to quit my job right now to go to school full time, which is probably what I would have to do.  The curriculum is 3 years of full-time study or 4 years of evening study and I just don’t have the mental energy to put myself through full time school and full time work again. 

As to me making an excellent attorney, that’s a frightening thing (oh, and yes, J.D. is the degree of juris doctor).  I still don’t know if I have the self-confidence to stand before 13 people and convince them not to throw a client into jail for the rest of his/her life for whatever they’ve been accused of doing.  I do know there are areas where that would not be an issue, but remember….I like the criminals.  Of course, I also like personal injury and if I were to go that route, it would probably be products liability, instead of slip and fall/auto accident injuries.

I do want to do something though, so I’m thinking of taking spanish lessons.  Far cry from what’s discussed above, but it is learning.

So to the present. 

I’m in full-on training mode for October’s super-sprint.  Last week Kahuna and I started our ‘every day swimming’ schedule, knowing that we actually wouldn’t get to swim every day.  It’s a mindset for me though and as far as I know there’s no reason to miss a night this week.  I’m trying for 5 days a week in the water.  Every morning finds me dragging my pooped out behind out of bed to either run or ride before work.  I’m trying to decrease my run time each effort, and increase the amount of time I’m on the bike.  My butt still doesn’t like that seat; however, I’ve learned that if I just stay on it long enough the blood circulation will finally be cut off and I’ll go numb.  😆   I’m back religiously on my WW plan and that and the training is paying off.  I lost another 1.6 pounds this week.   I bought Oahu Revisited for my upcoming trip to Hawaii (the afternoon after the tri 🙂 ) and have been fantasizing about laying on the beach reading romance novels, while drinking something with an umbrella in it!

I stopped eating beef and drinking alcohol on my birthday (June 30).  So far I’ve had beef once and no alcohol.  I’m tempted quite frequently by both, but I’d like to see if I can just do without either as much as possible until the end of the year…or at least the triathlon considering that comment about about the umbrella drinks! 😆

We finished one of our trials and are waiting on the sentencing portion – another trial was continued until next month – and we took on the sentencing portion for a new client, which happens tomorrow.  I’ve been on-call every night for Federal jury duty, which lasts a month.  It’s rather aggravating since I can’t make any plans.  I have some routine medical stuff I need to get done and I’m having to put it off since I can’t make an appointment I don’t know I’ll get to keep.

Last week Kahuna competed in another triathlon and I volunteered to work body marking and transition.  It was a fun race, but man was it hot!  This weekend has us at an outdoor jazz concert down on the beach and the weather is dreary right now and I’m hoping it’ll stay overcast so we don’t have to deal with the sun.  Next week Kahuna is competing in another triathlon, but I’m just going to watch.  This is the same triathlon I went to last year (my first) that got my interest peaked.  Kahuna was suffering from a leg injury and didn’t do all that great, but this year he’s in excellent shape and I cannot wait to see how much time he shaves off of last year’s results.

Wednesday night is movie night for us (the only day of the week for no swimming) and we’re catching up on new releases.  We normally see a movie about 2 weeks after it’s released so we don’t have to deal with the crowds.  That last few movies we’ve seen are Love Guru, Wanted, and Get Smart and I think this week will have us seeing either Wall-e or Journey to the Center of the Earth.  I’m looking forward to Dark Knight, The Mummy, Hancock and X-Files.

And you notice there’s no mention of stitching?  I’m hoping to remedy that today.  Maybe.  If the groceries get bought and the laundry gets started…which means I need to get off this computer.

I can’t promise to blog more frequently, but I hope it’s not 6 weeks until my next post.

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  1. It’s great to see a blog entry from you, Terri. It definitely sounds like you’ve been busy. Good luck with deciding on whether to go back to school!

  2. Yay! She’s back! Congrats on the training!!!!