February finally coming to an end

Man this month has felt long to me.  Then again I can’t believe tomorrow is March!  The year is going okay, so far!

February’s Goals:

Stitching: Finish the 5th page of French Alphabet Sampler. Finish the 1st 3 bands of Ann Holewll; reveal what I’ve been up to.  The reveal was Melissa’s birthday bourse and meal ;).  I did finish 1-3 on Ann Holewll, but didn’t get the 5th page of FAS done because I took time out to stitch on a RR.

Fitness: Doctor appointment Feb. 4. Do whatever doc thinks is necessary to get myself back on track for my triathlon training. Maintain weight.  The doc has me sleeping in a brace and wearing orthotics.  I’m having some trouble with both and am working on it.  Maintain weight!    😆

Professional: Continue working on personnel and accounting records.  Slowly but surely.  However, I have started actively looking for a new position.

Other: Continue to work 15 minutes reorganizing my home office.  I did excellent in this until this week.  I haven’t done anything.  I’ll start back tonight though and continue into March with this.  The room is looking a LOT better.

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