Hail and Farewell

First the farewell:  Last night I finally cleaned out the wonderful Old Navy canvas bookbag that I dragged around school for 3 years.  It only took me 9 months from the time I graduated to do it.  I cannot believe I actually felt sad doing it.  It is a fantastic bag and will be used again in the future. 

Hail to Valentine’s Day, not.  Try as I might I could not talk Kahuna into sticking with our weekly Wednesday night out to dinner plans.  He wanted to change them to tonight, so we’re going out tonight.  Where a bazillion other people will be waiting around for an hour for a table to eat food that will probably not taste as well as it normally does because they’re so crowded and in a hurry to get people fed and out the door to feed other people.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the sentiment, it just that he’s my Valentine every day of the year, and he knows how I feel about him, since I don’t wait until the 1 or 2 obligatory days of the year to tell him, so I don’t feel the need to do something special just because Hallmark says February 14 is a special day of the year. 

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0 responses to “Hail and Farewell

  1. I totally hear you! If you love someone, you should let them know by your words and actions, and not wait until some day on the calendar.

  2. I completely agree! While I definitely appreciate the gift I received today, I’ve always been more of the school of doing nice things all year round.

  3. Hubby doesn’t agree with Valentines Day as he says he spoils me every day of the year (which is true) but … just a card would do … maybe just once 🙁

  4. We always go out the night before or after Valentines. My DH hates crowds, LOL. We went to the Outback. I told him the only gift I want is puppies :-). They can be my Valentine’s, Birthday and Mother’s Day present. The house is way to quiet for me. Hope you had a nice dinner last night!