And something I forgot

I am going to probably start making my own bread again. Nothing fancy in the past, just my bread machine, but now I’d like some good french and whole wheat recipes and the recommendation of a good bread knife. I hate it when I try to cut my bread and the knife smooshes it. Just ruins the whole dang experience.


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0 responses to “And something I forgot

  1. Regarding the doll that goes with the CHS apron, it says on the CHS website that someone is going to be making a doll available to purchased but it’s so primitive looking I figure I can find something I can make myself. 🙂 If I do, I’ll let you know. -Margie

  2. Pampered Chef has the best bread knife I’ve ever used, and it’s very inexpensive. It even comes with a plastic blade cover.

    Enjoy!! Fresh bread, hot from the oven, with real butter and Trader Joe’s blueberry preserves just can’t be beat!!