January is full of excitement

I sat on my bee-hind and stitched for 5+ hours yesterday.  Today my whole body is stiff from it!  😆  It took me no time to get back into the rhythm of timing myself while stitching.  I plan on adding to that 5 hours today while watching a ton of college football.  I should be watching the Rose Parade right now but for some reason I’m just not interested.

Last month when I switched from working on HOHRH to Hannah, the change from 40ct to 28ct was like working on burlap.  Here’s my progress pic (don’t judge the wrinkles ’cause it was too much hassle dragging the ironing board back out).

"Before" picture of my working chart"After" picture of actual project


"After" progress pic

M is at less than a month to retirement!  29 days and counting 😀

I am also counting down to my first 2012 trip.  Headed to Vegas in less than 2 weeks, without M 😉

I’ll share my Christmas present from M tomorrow.

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2 responses to “January is full of excitement

  1. Love Hannah!!!! I hope you have fun in Vegas but I am bummed we don’t get to meet up when I am at the Attic retreat.