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Stitching along

Today is supposed to be our first triple-digit temp day and I’m getting in the pool!  I’m trying to get some needful things done so there will be no excuse to keep me out.

Judy of Patchwork Times is hosting a beautiful Quilt Along starting May 4.  I want to do the patriotic version using batik or Moda marbles.  I’m headed to the fabric store on Monday and may or may not be buying fabric for this.

I’m slowly plugging away on Garden Delight.  This week has found me mostly nun stitching around the edges.  I won’t get it finished this week, like first anticipated.  I just haven’t worked on it as much as I thought I would.  I think the actual act of finishing it off is intimidating me so I’ve been avoiding it a bit.  It could also be because the weather here has vastly improved and I’m spending a bit more time outside.

Next on my agenda for today is to get my sewing table reorganized (I’ve just dumped stuff there this week) and get to pinning Petite Mexican Sampler (I have a frame waiting on it) and then get to work on my next JMLW quilt.

Have a great Sunday!

Finally a photo update

I have been busy getting my SALE page set up over the past few days, so kept putting off posting updated photos of my miniature quilt, and stitching.  So here we are!

Jo Morton Little Women “Abbygayle’s Scraps”

DSC01467 DSC01468

I also managed to finish the stitching on Scarlett House‘s A Sampler Grows.   The cushion and fob still need to be sewn up and that will probably happen some time this week.

A Sampler Grows

Since I finished that I immediately started in on Milady’s Needle‘s Garden Delight, and made it this far.

Garden Delight

Every other week, when I’m not sewing, I’ve been stitching on And They Sinned and here’s where I started when I picked it up yesterday.


In the mornings I am supposed to be working in my craft room and sewing.  This is the quilt I was supposed to be making, and some of the fabric I chose.  However, it didn’t happen.  I don’t know what I’ve been doing wrong but I have not been able to get my HSTs to cooperate with the full squares.  It’s due tomorrow, but I’ll be taking in bits and pieces instead for the instructor to help me.  And of course I’ll be receiving instructions for a new quilt which means I’ll have 1 month to make 2 since I’m determined to keep up!


My mother’s Nantucket Rose is finally ready for her.  I stitched this back in 1999 while living in Okinawa, Japan, and she brought it out this past January for framing. I wish she had not gotten glass because it blocks the green suede mat that mimics the trees (and makes it impossible to get a reflection free photo 😉 ).

Nantucket Rose

And last but not least, Black Betty is ready to come home!  I shared a hint in an earlier post, but I finally got my hands on a Featherweight.   She came all the way from Canada, and, according to my sewing machine doctor, was in near perfect health.

Black Betty

She was purchased in an estate sale by a man and I feel like I stole her from him since, including shipping, she was just over $200.  LOL  Whoever the woman was that owned her previously obviously loved her.  The gold decorative paint has been rubbed away in the front plus the orange card you see is actually the original “service” card from when she was made back in 1948.  The only bad thing is because she came from Canada her instruction book is in French 😉  I cannot wait to sew with her.

Oops, one more thing! Recently, Kathy Tracy, of Country Lane Quilts, hosted a fabric giveaway on her blog.  It was sponsored by Andover Fabrics and was for the new Jo Morton Blue Variety.  I won a charm pack!!! 😀  I love this fabric (the blues you see above are from that line) and already have in mind a quilt I want to use the charm packs in.  Thank you again, Kathy, for hosting the giveaway.  Thank you Andover Fabrics for the fabrics.  I do believe the Jo Morton fabrics are my all-time favorites and already have in my possession the new Madison Manor line!

It hasn’t been all fun and games

But before I get to that I want to share some visual “fun.”


Jo Morton's Alexandria

Jo Morton’s Alexandria

Jo Morton's Sweet Emelie

Jo Morton’s Sweet Emelie

In addition to cutting and fondling the above fabrics I’ve been trying to make up for lost time in straightening and reorganizing my craft room. Before I started back in this round I grabbed a new spiral bound notebook and made notes of what I had going on in here. So as I have been sorting, organizing and putting things away, I have been writing them down first. I’m so bad about out of sight, out of mind. I still have quite a few things in the writing down department but I’m determined to get myself organized this year.  I will say I’m beginning to wonder if I’m ever going to be happy with my room since as I put things away I find I want to change where I’ve been keeping some stuff.  🙄


You can see the top of my work table now!  This is where I was before I stopped to take a break this morning. I am going to use that magazine holder for my very few quilting magazines. The wood under the notebook is going to be a new “table top” surface for my two Rubbermaid containers you’ll see in another photo, and the fabric is going to be used to cover 2 new ironing surfaces for me. Under that you can see some brown paper gift bags that I have been using to organize my quilting projects. They hang very nicely on a towel hanger on the back of my door or sit nicely on a shelf.

You can see I still have plastic shoeboxes stacked up by the window. They’ll be moved once I get my bookcase straightened out.

Before (under my work table):

After (look at all that leg room!):

Before (The STACK):
I think this was the most physically demanding part of straightening up and I had to ask Mister to help a bit. It’s been reduced to almost half that size and moved to another room. I’ve started going through it a few minutes a day and organizing into used/not used and hopefully it will start showing up for sale very soon.

The two pieces of wood (which you can see to the left of the magazine holder) are going on top of the Rubbermaid containers and I’ll cover that with muslin. The stitching in the containers are WIPS/kitted items that are waiting their turn (yep, they’re on a list) and since I don’t need to get in them very often I can make them useful. I’m going to put some of those Command sticky hook things on the trashcan so I can reuse plastic grocery shopping bags as liners. This will make me take the trash out more often 😉

Now, to set up my machine and start piecing!

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