It hasn’t been all fun and games

But before I get to that I want to share some visual “fun.”


Jo Morton's Alexandria

Jo Morton’s Alexandria

Jo Morton's Sweet Emelie

Jo Morton’s Sweet Emelie

In addition to cutting and fondling the above fabrics I’ve been trying to make up for lost time in straightening and reorganizing my craft room. Before I started back in this round I grabbed a new spiral bound notebook and made notes of what I had going on in here. So as I have been sorting, organizing and putting things away, I have been writing them down first. I’m so bad about out of sight, out of mind. I still have quite a few things in the writing down department but I’m determined to get myself organized this year.  I will say I’m beginning to wonder if I’m ever going to be happy with my room since as I put things away I find I want to change where I’ve been keeping some stuff.  🙄


You can see the top of my work table now!  This is where I was before I stopped to take a break this morning. I am going to use that magazine holder for my very few quilting magazines. The wood under the notebook is going to be a new “table top” surface for my two Rubbermaid containers you’ll see in another photo, and the fabric is going to be used to cover 2 new ironing surfaces for me. Under that you can see some brown paper gift bags that I have been using to organize my quilting projects. They hang very nicely on a towel hanger on the back of my door or sit nicely on a shelf.

You can see I still have plastic shoeboxes stacked up by the window. They’ll be moved once I get my bookcase straightened out.

Before (under my work table):

After (look at all that leg room!):

Before (The STACK):
I think this was the most physically demanding part of straightening up and I had to ask Mister to help a bit. It’s been reduced to almost half that size and moved to another room. I’ve started going through it a few minutes a day and organizing into used/not used and hopefully it will start showing up for sale very soon.

The two pieces of wood (which you can see to the left of the magazine holder) are going on top of the Rubbermaid containers and I’ll cover that with muslin. The stitching in the containers are WIPS/kitted items that are waiting their turn (yep, they’re on a list) and since I don’t need to get in them very often I can make them useful. I’m going to put some of those Command sticky hook things on the trashcan so I can reuse plastic grocery shopping bags as liners. This will make me take the trash out more often 😉

Now, to set up my machine and start piecing!

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2 responses to “It hasn’t been all fun and games

  1. Gorgeous fabrics!!!!!! Love those colors.

  2. Gorgeous fabrics 🙂

    Congratulations on getting it all organised