Getting back to normal

I spent an hour at the gym last night. I was actually very disappointed when my PT session was over, even though she kicked my butt. We talked a bit about my goals and Thursday (my last session with her) we’re going to sit down and work up a plan. I may extend my sessions with her since she said I could transfer them to another center if I move.

I managed 5 miles on the bike last night. My behind isn’t as sore as I thought it would be, but that was on the lifecycle. Tonight I’ll be back on it before I swim and then when I get home I’m going to get on the trainer and see how that feels. That’s where the most bruising is occurring because of the position of the saddle to my sitbones. My legs hold out just fine, which is still surprising.

Looks like I’m going to get an extra long weekend this weekend. We have housing maintenance coming on Friday to install garage door openers. They’re installing them in the whole neighborhood. We got notice a little over a week ago and after we talked about it I thought Kahuna was going to be there, but this morning he told me he was not going to be able to, so I’m taking the day off. It’ll be a nice weekend, with a tri-club meeting on Saturday night, Kahuna’s half-marathon on Sunday morning, football Sunday afternoon, and stitching.

I’ve been really good about getting my routine back into swing this week. I feel really good about it too. I’ve been trying to declutter my house 15 minutes at a time every evening. I’m focusing on my office during the week and will hit the other rooms on the weekends. The first room is my kitchen. My pantry is a disaster. I try to toss out a couple of things every weekend when I grocery shop, but it’s so crammed full right now I don’t know what we actually have in there. I need to get a better handle on that to make sure we continue to eat healthy.

No stitching last night. I need to take a photo of FAS since I’ve finished the 4th page. I still haven’t decided on what smaller thing to start or even if I want to start something else. I’m really enjoying watching it grow, letter by letter. Part of me feels like I should grab another WIP. Decisions, decisions. Maybe laziness will help me since if I continue on with FAS I won’t have to make that decision or get any supplies together 😉

It’s half way through the month (and week) and I can report that I’m doing well on my monthly goals. I still have a lot of miles to catch up, but I’m cycling away toward my 78 miles. I haven’t missed a WW meeting and have lost some weight. I’ve completed page 4 of FAS and posted a photo after I finished the 3rd page. And professionally, I have been plugging away on the revamping of the records. I purged a bunch of stuff from past years and have almost all of our accounts payable files in one drawer, and alphabetized. They were by category and it was always hard to find something that wasn’t used very often. There’s still a lot to do toward that goal though.

It’s back to the gym tonight for a 5 mile ride and a 400 yard swim.

Happy hump day!

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