Normally this time of year I’m looking back over my stitching accomplishments and setting my stitching goals for the next year; however, this year it’s a little bit different. I have replaced going to college with another time consuming something…getting fit.

Since I already had my 2007 stitching goals down, I’ll start with those:

2007 Clear out some WIPs

* Make Castle Sampler my get-together piece – I only went to 1 GTG and no stitching happened there! LOL
* Finishing PV – July Quilt for all Seasons – didn’t’ even pick it up.
* Continue to hunt for TSL – Peace – don’t think I ever looked for it beyond whatever I was currently rummaging around for.
* Continue on Dimples – Haiku – did a little bit, but not enough to talk about.
* Continue on Mirabilia – Fairy Moon – same as Haiku
* Continue on Quaker Needlework Treasures – With My Needle – nope!

New starts for 2007 – the year of large new starts!

* Le Marquoir de Justine – starting today – I got a LOT done on this beautiful design while recuperating from my surgery. I haven’t touched it though since returning to work in March (I think).
* Mother’s Tree – TIAG – didn’t start
* My Son – Indigo Rose – didn’t start
* French Alphabet Sampler – currently working on this project and loving every stitch.
* Spot RR – haven’t received my piece back yet – but it’s over.
* Houses of Hawk Run Hollow – Carriage House – maybe – still collecting fibers
* Village of Hawk Run Hollow – Carriage House – maybe – still collecting fibers

There are also several smaller designs I want to start. We’ll just see how the year goes.

Frame, frame, frame!

Shop in Paris!

Didn’t’ frame and didn’t shop in Paris. Still planning on going though 🙂

My stitching suffered a lot in 2007. I took a rather long hiatus. I don’t know if it was burnout, or what, but there was a period of time I considered selling it all. Then that tiny spark began to burn and I’m back to stitching as much as I can.

Another reason I sort of quit stitching was my new interest. Running, then swimming and now biking. 2007 saw me do something I never thought I would do. Complete a 5k race. I know I’ve talked about it before, but I never really ever thought I’d do it.

So, what do I foresee happening in 2008?


Just stitch. I have so many beautiful things started and I’d love to get some of them finished and by finished I mean also framed, or made into whatever they should be made into. For so many years I’ve wanted a stitching wall but I’ve always put it off. 2008 will see me moving and I want my new home to have something on every wall, including stitching on a couple.  I’ve said this everytime I’ve moved, but this time, I really mean it! 😉

There are also so many beautiful designs in my stash that I want to start, but I need to get some of the large WIPs completed to make room in my conscious for the new ones. I would like to start some smaller designs since all I seem to have are large ones, so I may go ahead and start some smaller designs.

I know there’s a new Hawk Run Hollow design coming out and I’ll need to add that to my collection. I am more than halfway through collecting the silks for the first 2 and will continue on until they’re all 3 collected for. I won’t wait to start the 1st though once all the fibers are collected since each square is like a small design all its own.

Me, me, me.

I failed to follow through on some obligations last year.  I will be working very hard over the next month or so to get those taken care of and to mend whatever hard feelings were created because of that.

For the first time since I set this goal, I’m so close it’s exciting. I want off my blood-pressure meds. I have 3 more months of my prescription and I’m really hoping that I won’t have to have it renewed.

I have 2 5Ks planned for 2008. February 3 and April 6. I also have a Super Sprint Triathlon planned for May 4. Depending on how these 3 races go, I may register for a Sprint Triathlon in July.

I also plan from this moment through December 31, 2008, to lose 50 pounds; however, I’m not losing it for the number on the scale, but to feel good and let my doctor tell me when she’s happy with my health.

Spend as much time as possible with Kahuna.

Spoil the puppies!

I’m moving some time in April. It would have been sooner; however, Kahuna has a half-ironman at the end of March, that’s here, and we don’t want to move until that’s over since he has a ton of training to do.  I want to have my stitching room squared away before that happens, so I’m not packing junk.

Withdraw my investment from its current place, to make it more accessible as a down payment on a house here.

Spend my parents’ 50th anniversary with them.

Enjoy life.

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  1. Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year!

  3. Good luck with your goals. Happy New year

  4. Your goals sound wonderful! Happy New Year!

  5. Good luck with the goals; you’ve got a nice variety in there!