Wednesday, already?

Wow, I feel like I lost Monday and Tuesday!

I was really glad to get to work on Monday morning. The weekend was full of nothing special so I don’t know why.  I did manage to stitch some though.

Tuesday found me at the hospital getting my annual mammogram. The tech told me she can tell by comparing last year’s xrays to this year’s xrays that I’ve lost weight. I’m glad someone can tell because I sure can’t!

Which leads me into this week’s Power of One. I’m down again in my unofficial weigh in. Sometimes it’s hard to track because while I’m stepping on my home scale for the Power of One challenge, I’m not caring what it says because my official weigh in at Weight Watchers is what I’m going by. (That sounds harsh reading back over it!)

I’ve had a major struggle the past couple of days. I’m not hungry, but all I can think about is eating. Cravings like crazy for home made fried chicken, coconut cake, soda. Everytime I think about needing to go somewhere the very next thought in my head is what food place is near/next to it. Tears have been involved. Today, a co-worker brought something from the Danish bakery down the street from us. I just want to cry again.

We finally made it to see The King’s Speech last night.  It was educational to both of us in some aspects and we both enjoyed it.  I read a book a very long time ago about Wallis Simpson, so was familiar with the era and the goings on in that direction, but didn’t know much else about the royal family.  It was heartbreaking in several places.

This coming weekend is my monthly stitchin and I’ll be spending the majority of the weekend with Melissa 🙂  Can’t wait!

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4 responses to “Wednesday, already?

  1. Woo Hoo!! Can’t wait to see you again! Is it Saturday yet? 😆

  2. Have fun this weekend!!!! And persevere on the diet, it takes time for your body to adjust :-).

  3. Hang in there, have you thought about what the emotions are that you are feeling when you are wanting to eat those foods? Maybe each time you start thinking that you need some of that comfort food jot down what your feelings are. It doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge, there is no right or wrong answer… but maybe after some time you’ll notice a pattern. What your triggers are, etc. Have a great week! : )

  4. Hang in there…it will get easier and the stupid food cravings will start to go away (most of the time anyway!). Hope you have a good weekend!