Don't make eye contact!

It’s so nice to have a do-nothing sort of weekend. By that I mean one that doesn’t have any set plans and we can just go with the flow.

Kahuna had a root canal a week or so ago and he’s been dealing with the pain of it. He’s still taking Vicodan in the evenings so he can sleep. This is so not like him that it tells me how much it’s bothering him. He missed surfing weekend before last because of his tooth. This past weekend though he did get out there and got his mojo going. He’s such a happy camper when he surfs. I cannot imagine how hard it’s going to be for him to not live so close to the ocean when he retires. He has already made plans to come back and surf every now and then though since we’ll only be a 6 or so hour drive away.

Since we didn’t have anywhere special we had to be this weekend I never left the house on Saturday. I didn’t even put on makeup or dry my hair! I did catch up on some laundry and reading.

Sunday, after surfing, we headed out to do some errands and make a furniture store stop. We’ve been loosely monitoring room sizes in the houses we’ve been looking at online trying to decide what size furniture will work. Right now all we really need to purchase after we move is new bedroom furniture for us. We’re going king size (the puppies take up so much room!) and want to make sure the house we choose has an appropriately sized bedroom. So, we headed out to look at furniture. What a shock! It’s all so large. It was fun daydreaming about what the two of us want though. I think I could wander in furniture stores, and house shop, for a living! I don’t know why but I enjoy it so much.

Since we hit the Old Spaghetti Factory for lunch we decided to have fruit for supper since lunch was so filling and it was too warm to cook at the house. This left me with lots of stitching time and I happily caught up on my DVR while stitching on Home of a Needleworker, Too, – until I discovered I was one stitch off and had to rip out almost half of what I got stitched. Drats!

The peeps at work gave me a gift certificate to Needlepoints, Ltd., for my birthday so I’m looking forward to my next trip to spend it on the new canvas I purchased. Between that and the filled in ‘frequent shopper’ card I have I am hoping to make a huge dent in the fibers I want for it. Other than that, my new stitching acquisition mantra is “Don’t make eye contact.”  I’m still trying to come up with a plan since I need to get a stand too.

The post previous to this one I mentioned needing to thin out my stash and now it’s pretty much a real have-to since there’s a chance our office may be closed before we move to Arizona.  I really don’t want to take with me stuff I don’t love anymore, including stitchy type stuff.

We’re in trial this week on a manslaughter case so it’s nice and quiet around the office. Thank goodness since gearing up for it is crazy! I’m already almost caught up for the day. If the office stays open I think the rest of the year is going to be pretty much spent in this hurry up and go mindset since we have so many trials that have been continued from late last year and earlier this year. If the office does close I could go with Atty F to her new job, but I’m thinking I might not want to do that since it would entail my commuting again. I’m really going to need my stitching to ratchet down the stress between now and Christmas or now and when the office closes or now and when I move

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  1. I definitely need to make that my motto as well. 😆 Between moving into a bigger apartment and paying college tuition again, I really need to curtail some of my stash spending.