I had to *hand* it to her!

Okay, that’s an awful title, but I”m having brain wave issues this morning.

I spent all day long Saturday in a litigation class.  Very long, very interesting, very informative, very long, very tiring, very brain draining, did I mention very long?  😆

Sunday, we made it to the frame shop!  I turned in Longdog’s The Token, Blackbird Designs’ Strawberry Garden, and a Rouge de Rhin design (it’s OOP).  For those of you who I do stitchy Saturday with, they should be ready for me to share at our next get together.

I’ve been dragging my feet on stitching Summer Queen again, but hanging out at the frame shop and looking at moulding and velvet matting possiblities for her put me in a stitchy frame of mind yesterday and so I stitched enough on her to give her some skin!  Her left hand is now complete except for her bling.  I also received another e-mail from the Fair people and the deadline has been moved toward the end of May for entries…which has caused me to procrastinate in getting her finished 😉  I’ve given Kahuna permission to nag me to stitch 😀 

Kahuna’s half-ironman is next Saturday!  I won’t be going 🙁  The litigation class is two sessions long and the second (and most important to me) session is next Saturday.  I have a chance to move it to May, however, our roadtrip and possible surgery may interfere.  Kahuna has told me to take the class now so I can get it over with and use it.  I feel really badly that I won’t be up at 4:30 a.m. for an early morning check in, 7:15 swim wave start, and standing on the side of the road to cheer him on for the next 5 hours and to be there to cowbell him across the finish line.  🙁  At least he won’t have to feel badly that he needs to sleep for several hours afterwards while I sit and wait for him to start recouperation.

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0 responses to “I had to *hand* it to her!

  1. Good luck to your DH, hope he does well in his race. I don’t blame you for wanting to get the class out of the way. Hope it goes well Saturday.