Things are not as they seem

First, my post below about us going to the superbowl….our team, not us personally 😉

I hate it when I have expectations about something and they don’t pan out.

I just knew I was going to get a ton of stitching done this week but that hasn’t happened.  Work has been crazy.  My hours were increased this week and I’m back to working full time.  While I know I’m going to enjoy the money, I really hate losing those 2 hours a day to stitch.  Doesn’t that just figure that I finally get my stitching mojo back and now I lose stitching time.  When I have been stitching, I keep getting interrupted.

As to work I can’t figure out how those 2 extra hours are helping me.  I’m spending tons of time waiting on stuff to download and process, etc., and not getting any substantive work done…or at least that’s how I feel.  I will say moving to the larger desk has helped.  I now have more desktop to sprawl over, and let me tell you I’m taking advantage of it! 😉

Tonight we’re taking the puppies out to the weekly street market.  They get a hotdog, love the socialization, always get lots of attention, and did I mention they get a hotdog.  In the summertime they get ice cream too.     Tonight they’re getting new clothes.  We’ve had a new harness made for Harley Quinn, and a martingale (same fabric, different color) for Jasper.  We’re celebrating that he’s officially ours.  I got the paperwork back from the rescue society on Tuesday 😀

I wish I had a stitching picture to share, but nope…I’m too lazy/tired to drag the camera out!  😆  I need to dig through my stash this weekend and figure out what I’m going to put in “Flying Monkeys'” stitchy spot.  I’ve got a stitchalong on Saturday and I’ll take FM with me, and then I’m sending it out for finishing…which reminds me, I need to answer an email about that.


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One response to “Things are not as they seem

  1. I’m sorry that your extra work hours are cutting into your stitching time! Especially as you just got your stitching mojo back!

    Enjoy your trip out with your puppies!