Lost, found, and wanted

I found my lost camera thingy not 5 minutes after I posted last night.  I also found a stack of designs (I quit counting at 16) — most of them were Little House Needleworks, Sheepish Designs, and Blackbird Designs.  They’re happily filed away where they belong.  The funny thing is that I found all of this in a spot that Bandit like to put things when he was snooping around in my office.  I suspect he was climbing around on my desk and knocked the camera thingy off during one of his nosey sessions.

Wanted:  I’ve been out of the loop for so long that I don’t even know who sells hand died fabrics anymore.  I’m looking for a possible piece to do Mirabilia’s Summer Queen on (Kahuna picked her out for next year’s fair entry).  I have a few bluish pieces in my stash (that I haven’t compared yet) but I’m looking for a 32ct evenweave that will match, as close as possible, DMC 747.

Work is crazy right now.  The paralegal is on vacation, an attorney is leaving Thursday for her vacation, I’m returning after being gone for 2 days vacati0n, and there’s tons of stuff that needs to be sent out to 2 new expert witnesses on a H.U.G.E. traumatic brain injury case.  My feet were killing me when I got off work today from all the trotting back and forth I did between my desk and the copier.  I knew I shouldn’t have worn those 3 1/2″ heels today!

HarleyQuinn had a vet appointment today.  She has some type of bacterial infection that’s making her feet miserable.  It took them 1 1/2 hours to get her seen and tested today and I was beyond stressed when I finally got out of there.  I thought when they took her from me that she’d be gone for about 5 minutes.  At 30 minutes I felt myself going into a full blown panic attack and they brought her to me.   Kahuna freaked out when he got home and couldn’t find her and called me on the phone.  He forgot she had her appointment today and thought she had somehow gotten out of the house and yard.  We’re just a teensy bit overprotective, I guess.

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0 responses to “Lost, found, and wanted

  1. I’d be the same way about my puppies too. I am sure it was so traumatic. Hope she’s well soon.

    Lakeside Linen has some gorgeous lighter colors as does picture this plus!

  2. Scary to have your puppy back there so much longer than they originally said…I’d have been freaking out too! I hope her bacterial infection goes away quickly.

    As for fabrics, I still like Silkweaver and Countrystitch, and Picture This Plus has some gorgeous things. Lakeside Linen is still around but I am not as familiar with their colors.

    Countrystitch’s “Glacier” is a really pretty color, although it’s a little darker than you’re thinking. Honestly, I bet if you told Cathy (CathMD I think?) what you were looking for she would probably make you something just perfect. Her customer service is excellent.

    At Silkweaver they have the “classics” line, and “Tropical Breeze” looks pretty close to DMC 747 on my monitor.

    PTP’s “Coastal” or “Haven” or “Zephyr” might work.

    Hope you can find the perfect color for your project. 🙂

  3. New comment to add: Countrystitch’s Cathy is Cath33; I had the wrong yuku ID in my other comment. Sorry!