Product Reviews

I thought I would share my opinion on a couple of products I’ve tried lately.

2014-07-26 17.56.17Every now and then I want a bold steak sauce.  Think A-1.  If you’re looking for a bold steak sauce, this wasn’t it.  It tastes very good, but doesn’t have the ‘bold’ I was looking for.  I’ll definitely use it on grilled pork or chicken, though.

2014-08-06 17.12.34 2014-08-06 19.31.55

The pasta sauce gets an A+  I got it at Sprouts and it is going to be a staple in my pantry.  The minute I opened the jar I started salivating.  It smelled like garden fresh tomatoes.  Look at the ingredients label.  And hello!  Made in the USA 😀   I added 1 link of chicken italian sausage (casing removed) to it.  Soooo.  Gooood.

The rice pasta was good too.  It does have a rice taste to it, pre sauce.  Mister liked it, too.  He had 2 bowls full for dinner then ate the leftovers for lunch the next day.

My problem with the pasta, is it’s still a grain, which I’m trying to avoid.  I will be trying this again over zoodles.

2014-08-14 08.26.32

I bought these yesterday because they were gluten free and on sale.  The sticker says $5.99 but I think I paid $4.99.  It’s probably obvious by the photo that these are good.  We both had one last night and I had to tell Mister “no” on a second one.  He was up before me this morning and had one with a protein drink for breakfast 😉  There is also a vanilla flavor with the same icing.  I love that they are small (maybe 2″ wide at the bottom), very moist, and a small quantity in the box.  However, no matter the deliciousness of them, I’m not buying them very often.  I think I’ll hold off for birthday, or something else special, to appreciate them more.



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4 responses to “Product Reviews

  1. I LOVE that pasta sauce! It works well on my Simply Filling eating plan, too. As for the steak sauce, have you thought about making your own? Here’s a recipe one of my other paleo friends uses:

    • I haven’t gone looking for steak sauce recipes yet, since we haven’t had steak since then, but thanks for pointing me toward this one. I’ll definitely be trying it. Yeah, that pasta sauce is excellent.

  2. Dave eats Paleochef stuff like his life depends on it. Cracked me up to see a bottle on your post! haha! (he uses the salad dressings).