Getting started on the 50

Believe it or not, I have only come up with 20 things for my challenge list so far! πŸ˜† It’s harder than I thought it would be. There’s a mix of things (there’s no particular priority or order) and I’ll be putting them in their own tab to keep track but so far I’ve come up with:

1. ankle tattoo (I have a great design in mind and am meeting with the artist this coming Saturday. This tattoo will be at the beginning of my 50th year.)
2. lose 50 pounds (I’ve already started on this!)
3. back tattoo (I have some design elements I’ll be putting together. Some more of that ‘this is who I am stuff. Right now there are 4 elements involved…barbed wire, peace rose, dagger, and the Marine Corps emblem πŸ˜‰ This will be at the end of my 50th year.)
4. re-learn to ride motorcycle (it seems almost every guy I ever dated had a motorcycle. I learned to ride on a dirtbike. Kahuna has a Harley but since I think it’s too heavy for me, I don’t know how I’m going to accomplish this, but we’ll figure something out.)
5. pay off CC #1
6. pay off CC #2
7. pay off CC #3
8. pay off CC #4
9. pay off CC #5 (all 5 of these CC’s carry small to medium balances that I tend to pay off and then recharge. I’m determined to pay them off and cancel them this year.)
10. purge closet (hopefully this will be easy with that 50 pound weight loss I’m working on.)
11. stitch ( πŸ˜† how sad is it that I have to add this to my list?)
12. intro an author a week on blog ( I’m starting this one today.)
13. blog 2x a month
14. go to gym weekly
15. bike
16. swim
17. run
18. 5k (I skipped last year because of my PF issue, but I’m hoping to participate in the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving)
19. eat more organic
20. Change my ‘puppy’ avatar πŸ™

So that’s what I have so far. I’d love suggestions. I’m having brain freeze!

The reduced working hours have worked out okay the first week. I think Boss is going to have more problems adjusting than me πŸ˜‰ I made it to the gym twice last week. I had plans for Tuesday, we went out on Thursday, and Friday was supposed to be a gym day, but we settled a H.U.G.E. case Friday morning and we went out for margaritas at lunch. I hope I can find what I filed after that πŸ˜† Needless to say I didn’t attempt the gym after drinking alcohol.

Friday night we went to a small Mexican food place just opened on the base. The food was cheap and very good! After that Kahuna and I finished off a half-bottle of Patron…one shot at a time.

Saturday was a do nothing day for me and with the exception of running out to COSTCO and doing some laundry, I did just exactly that…nothing. Today was much the same, except Kahuna and I hit up Henry’s for some groceries. (oh wait! another something for my list!)

As to my posting authors, a word of caution. I have some very adult tendancies when it comes to what I like to lose myself in. I spent too many years reading college books and my mind is majorly in the ‘gutter’ so to speak now that I read for pleasure so forewarned is forearmed πŸ˜‰ Also remember….this is who I am. If you have a question regarding a subject matter you may get introduced to, I’m always happy to discuss it OFF THE BLOG. Just post a comment and I’ll email you if you don’t already have my email address.

My first author is Maya Banks …. Enjoy πŸ˜‰

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0 responses to “Getting started on the 50

  1. Terri,
    Good to see you back here again. I’ve missed you!

    I like your list so far. I too am hitting fifty this year, and I also have a goal to lose just about 50 pounds. I’ve started, but I mean started as in barely started. (went back to WW, completed one week)

    What about that Paris trip you and Mel were going to take? I think you should add that to your goals, too…or something similar.

    Great to see you here. I think of you and the other SoCal gals often, and hope to see you all sometime soon.


  2. Paying off credit cards – good!
    Canceling them after paying them off – bad!

    Lowers your credit score.

  3. hooray for you!! Can’t wait to see your ankle tattoo…mine is a star I got to celebrate turning 21…seems about a million years ago!!!
    ohhhh…I love the ‘puppy’ avatar, but I understand wanting to change it.

  4. I think putting together a list like this IS really hard. Yours is a good start.

    My only thought is that your goals seem a little vague. Do you intend to run in a 5k race? Participate in a 5k race? Place in the top 100 people who run in a particular race?

    Making goals a little more specific I think makes them a little more attainable and also helps to whittle down what it is you want.

  5. Hi Terri! Glad to see you posting again. I’m going to try and post more often as well. Best of luck with your goals!