Coloring outside my comfort zone

Wow, the last day of February is finally here.  Normally I’m wondering where the month went, but I know what I’ve been doing almost every moment of February and it’s made the month (and actually, the year) go by rather slowly.

My goals for this past week were very simple.  Cut fabric and start walking.  After going back over what the “walk” expert told me this past week, I changed my goal from walking every day, to every other day, based on his advice.  I have done that.  Okay, it was only Monday that I started, but I walked Monday and Wednesday and Wednesday I increased the distance.  I’m going to be increasing it again tomorrow.  I thought it would take me longer to go farther, but I’m actually feeling okay afterwards and not coughing during.  The weather has been perfect for walking as well.

Speaking of weather, we are expecting 80’s this weekend so I am hoping to spend some time beside the pool!  😀

Now to my subject title.  Earlier this month I posted on one of my quilting email groups about how hard it is for me to include colors such as “poison green,” “mourning purple,” and “cheddar”  and asked if it was hard for others as well.  (It’s always nice to know you’re not alone in such things and it was great to see so many like-minded quilters.)  I set a goal for myself to include such color, however bright, in my JMLW quilts.  I started playing with my fabrics this morning and this is what I’ve come up with so far.  In for a penny, in for a pound, I cut it before I could change my mind and back out 😉


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Red binding, turquoise borders, cheddar cornerstones

As you can tell by the photo I’m going a teeny bit different from the original.  What do you think?


The smaller squares and triangles will be included in the center.  They are 2 inches to give you an idea how small the finished blocks will be.

Wish I could spend more time on Abbygayle but I have a few things to do before I leave the house this afternoon for open stitch-in at Attic.  But before that happens, I get to meet up with Cheryl, Annette, and hopefully Karen, for some yummy Mexican food.  Cheryl is in Phoenix for a work conference and she’s getting to meet up with us while she’s here.  Squeee!

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One response to “Coloring outside my comfort zone

  1. Always a pleasure to visit your blog! Walking every other day sounds good, perhaps I should try it as well. 🙂