Brain dump

Didn’t really know what to title this.  It’s more of a “get it out of my brain” kind of post.

 Friday’s car disaster is over.  The rain didn’t let up much so I went out in the rain to cover it.  Looked like a wet rat when I got back in the house and kept hot water going all day for Japanese milk tea.  I didn’t watch the DVDs I have, but I did just about clear out the DVR and I got quite a bit of stitching done. 

Saturday the sun came out enough that I could uncover the car, roll down the windows and remind myself over and over not to let it happen again.   Of course, I also spent a lot of time looking out the window wondering if it was raining again.  Kahuna had a 56 mile bike ride and we ended up going swimming later that afternoon, after he recouperated some.

Sunday it was raining, again.  I was heading out the door to WW and discovered I hadn’t received my monthly pass, so I didn’t go.  I found out after I called them that I could print one off.  I could probably have figured that out earlier, but honestly I didn’t want to go out in the rain.  When it slacked up I headed to the grocery store, but it was raining again when I got there and all the carts were soaked.  It was an interesting experience seeing all the wet people and water on the floor everywhere while we shopped. 

Kahuna had a 2 hour run and wanted to re-carb so we went out to pizza.  We wanted to watch the NASCAR race, but it was raining north of us as well and the race was stopped.  I turned the Oscars on and sort of listened while stitching and finishing laundry.  I’ve seen so few of the movies, though, so it wasn’t all that great to  me.

I finished up a RR I was working on plus I finished the 1st 3 bands of Ann Holewll.  

I’m back on FAS and enjoying every stitch.  I reworked one of the parts to include Bandit’s name and will do the same elsewhere for Harley.  I’m working kind of weird on this page because of the rework and am keeping my fingers figuratively crossed that it works out.

I have errands to take care of after work today so am skipping the gym.  Tomorrow I start back running, but since it’s for such a short period (15 minutes) while I get used to my new orthotics, I’m swimming too.

Making Filipino Adobo Chicken for dinner tonight.  Haven’t had it in forever and I can practically smell it now.  I made brownies yesterday.  I’m getting back into my “homemaker” mode where I’m wanting to cook all the time again.  One more reason I need to be a kept woman….can cook more!

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0 responses to “Brain dump

  1. You Ann Holewll is looking great! 🙂

  2. Looking great, and I would love to know more about the chicken you made. It sounds wonderful!

    I can very much relate to you in the ‘kept woman’ thing. I love to be at home puttering around. I will never feel like a career woman in any way at all, even though I have one. My heart is definitely at home.

  3. Ann Holewll is gorgeous. What fabric/threads are you using?

    I love being at home – maybe too much – it’s an effort to go out nowadays – maybe when the weather improves?

  4. Ann Holewll looks great! I’ve got my 3 bands completed, too. Guess the next band should be a tad more complex. Enjoy the day