A weekend well spent

Thank you all so much for your comments on the bourse. It was surprisinly easy to make and I’ll definitely being making more of them and it has given me the confidence to try other things.

Needless to say my visit with Melissa was as wonderful as it always is. Probably better since we finally got to have our Christmas and then I got to share her birthday with her. She arrived around 11 and after exchanging gifts we went to lunch at a local Greek café. I love their food and if Kahuna and I move away from here, we’re going to miss this place. Their soups are to die for and I’m always tempted to lick the bowl! LOL I ended up getting soup to go for Melissa and I to have for supper that evening.

After we got home she helped me work on the photo program that’s attached to my webpage. I have a lot of uploading to do still, but it will be located (for now) at trixsterri.com/photos

Believe it or not, we stitched! I even have a happy dance from it. I finished stitching Atelier de brodeuse, which I neglected to take a photo of last night. I’ll remedy that and provide the promised hula girl lamp photo 😉 hopefully later today. I plan on finishing it into a wall hanging using some of the tons of fabric I already have.

While we were gone Kahuna was out on a 3 ½ hour bike ride. My behind hurts just thinking about it. He wasn’t home for very long (and he was resting during that) before he left again to attend the monthly networking meeting at our tri-club. I opted to stay home and visit with Melissa and I’m so glad we did because we were together for practically the whole day.  We were still talking away when he got home from his meeting and had been in bed asleep for quite some time by the time Melissa left.  We had so much catching up to do!

Sunday morning while Kahuna was out surfing I got some organization done. I cleaned out the refrigerator and made a grocery list to restock it with healthy food. I don’t know how it happens, but that refrigerator was crammed full of stuff and it was hard to tell what was in there, and a lot of it was stuff we shouldn’t be eating. I still need to tackle the pantry.  Sometime during all this Kahuna also went on a 9 mile run.  After I got groceries put away I worked in my office some. I took photos of what I need to work on so I can decide what to do each time I get in there. I feel so overwhelmed by the clutter that sometimes it’s hard for me to tell that I’ve made any progress. I know taking photos of my stitching shows me progress, so I figure doing the same in my office will help.

I never did get around to stitching any yesterday. Later in the afternoon Kahuna decided he was too tired to clean our cars and God bless him he paid to have them both detailed out in town. My little bumble-Z is so pretty when she’s clean. After that we went and had a coffee and just sat and talked, which we haven’t done this weekend with us both sort of going in opposite directions. I made sure we had a sit-down meal for supper and I felt when the day ended that we were somewhat back into a normal routine.

So here it is Monday again. The weekend went by too quickly and the alarm sounded too early. Today, I return to the gym. I thought to do it last week as soon as the doctor told me I could, but since I wasn’t expecting the doctor to “release” me, I had planned so much to do during my early time home from work. My gym bag is currently sitting at my feet under my desk and I have a phone call in to my trainer to discuss a few things with her. Even though I’m not going to be able to retain her services right now, she wanted me to call her when I was able to return so she could give me some things to do that wouldn’t put too much stress on my foot.

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0 responses to “A weekend well spent

  1. That sounds like a wonderful weekend…time with a good friend, accomplishments in the organizational area, and quality time with the DH…oh, yeah, and stitching! What more could you ask for? BTW, the bourse was just stunning. Gives me hope I might be able to sew something one day, LOL!

  2. Psst… here is my tassel secret – I buy them! They are by Wrights. I get them at Joann Fabrics and at AC Moore… do you have those stores??