Follow-up on doctor appt

I am a happy person.

 I walked out of there with customized inserts, a night splint, personal physical therapy advice, and a “go forth and walk on the treadmill, swim in the pool, cycle your fanny off” blessing from the doctor. 

No incline on the treadmill and absolutely no concrete, asphalt walking. 

NO running of any kind for at least 6 weeks (follow-up appt). 

I have to wear the inserts for 1 hour tomorrow, then increase the length of time each day following.  I also probably need to be wearing them for at least a week before I attempt the treadmill so my arch will get used to having that hard thing holding it up.

I’ll have to start out slouchy with the night splint and increase the stretching tension on it over time.  My achilles is also not stretched properly which is probably leading to some of the heel problems.

 I must wear stiff soles shoes when cycling, which I do anyway since I wear clip in cycling shoes.

Guess who’s going to the gym tomorrow 😀

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0 responses to “Follow-up on doctor appt

  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. WOOHOO Terri! This is great news!!!

  3. Yay, I’m so happy for you!!

  4. WOO HOO!!!! That’s awesome news!!!

  5. WOOT! Great news. Just take it easy … no further damage allowed : )