Searching for my past

The weather held pretty much true yesterday and we had some wonderful rain/wind storms. It was a perfect day for sitting in front of the computer trying to find myself.

Last year one of my stitching goals was to start Lavender & Lace’s Mother’s Tree. I had information on my “mothers” as far back as my great-grandmother; however when I got to her mother, all I had was a name. I have been half-heartedly looking for more information and a couple of weeks ago decided to search on her husband instead. Surprisingly one of the sites that popped up was someone I knew from the stitching world, and had had the pleasure of meeting a few years ago when she was here on a business trip. I sent “T” an email telling her about this.

Yesterday “T” wrote again asking more questions and during many wonderful emails back and forth I think she helped me find not only my great-great-grandmother’s information, but her mother and grandmother’s info as well. Two extra generations! And “T” thinks this search has helped her find more info on the family member she was researching because they’re the same last name.

So for now, I have 8 generations. Am I satisfied and ready to begin? Of course not! I’ve always secretly hoped for 10 generations on the sampler because it will end as my being the last mother, since I had a son. I put a call in to my mother this morning and she is to pass on to me a family member who is the holder of our family tree. She’s the wife of my mother’s cousin and I’m hoping she can confirm the information discovered yesterday and have more for me to add.

This has renewed my interest in my father’s side of the family as well as Kahuna’s. I have tons of paperwork on Kahuna and need to start plugging it into a “tree” format because it’s very hard to follow the way it is right now. I know somewhere there is paperwork on my father’s side because his mother was always interested and I remember her talking to me about it.

A nice thing about this is it was free.  I spent a wonderful afternoon not spending any money getting something I needed.

I forced myself to get off the computer and stitch some last night. I’m almost finished with my current design and should have a finished project report come this weekend since I plan on finishing it out as a banner.

P.S. For those interested in Hannah Beebe, the chart can be found at under “Products,” “Timeless Designs.”

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0 responses to “Searching for my past

  1. Terri,

    How funny you bring this topic up. I’ve been thinking about looking into my history as well.

    Good luck with your Tree!

  2. Watch out, it gets addictive. I finally hit the wall @ 15 generations. And I did leave room for more, at the time I had hope of a little girl of my own, but it looks like my boy is all I’m going to get. I have thought of maybe putting “grandmother of” if my son has a daughter. But that’s a long ways off. If you’re interested you can see a picture of mine here:

  3. Thank you for the link to I have ordered Hannah Beeby and can’t wait to start it. Now the decision to make as to what silk thread and color to use!!

  4. Go you for find more branches of your family tree. That is exciting news : )

  5. Best of luck with the genealogy search! I have 10 generations of women (my mom typed it up for me awhile back and I just found it) and have aspirations of stitching Mother’s Tree too. I’d be happy to so a SAL on that when you get to it. I’m not even remotely ready to start it, so no rush! I’m curious up that “secret” thing you’re up to. 😉