TUSAL and framing TaDa!

I am running as fast as I can to catch up! I hope it’s not too late to share my TUSAL for April 3. It totally rocks, and you’ll see why in just a second.

It’s so full because I finished queenie and now she’s back from the framers!

Here’s a closeup of the frame. It has the same deep blue/green colors in it as the mat.

I have absolutely no confidence in myself when it comes to choosing frames so I always drag M along with me because he is so good at it!

I’ve been stitching on my ornaments and Houses of Hawk Run Hollow.

I haven’t posted about my weightloss journey because I haven’t had anything to share. About 6 weeks ago I stalled out. Last Thursday I finally saw the scale start downward again (-1.8#s) and if my home scale is anything to go by this week’s loss will be good, too!

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6 responses to “TUSAL and framing TaDa!

  1. Your Queen is GORGEOUS!!! I can’t wait to see her in person. 🙂 WTG on the scale moving again, too!

  2. Oh your Queen is just gorgeous, love the frame and mat!!! Glad your weight loss is back on track too :-).

  3. Summer Queen is GLORIOUS (I had to come up with another word than “gorgeous”, LOL!) Congratulations!

  4. Your Queen is looking gorgeous, great framing

  5. Your finish is gorgeous, and I love the frame and mat – between you and M., you made a lovely choice!

    Congratulations on getting off the weight loss plateau!

  6. Terri she is stunning and what a spectacular frame!