Can I whine?

I have been trying to keep up with my stitching blogs and have wanted to comment on so many but I can’t.  They have their settings in such a way that you have to have a blogger account or a google account.  I can’t even do open ID 🙁  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STITCHY BLOGGERS…ALLOW MORE OPTIONS TO COMMENT! 

Before I settled in for the weekend, I did manage to get some running around done on Saturday morning.  I had hoped to come home with a new iron (I did product reviews all week long), however, M had other ideas.  He NEEDED a Dyson Hand-held.  So, that’s what we ended up buying 😆

I spent the majority of my weekend beading Spring Queen.  I’m having a heck of a time though because I broke the ‘snap’ part of my handi-clamp because I clamped it in my stand too hard.  (By the way – they do sell replacements.)  This of course means I can’t use my stand, so I can’t use my magnifier/light.  I had to rig it up to my desk and while it’s working it’s so much slower not using a stand and just resting the rods on my desk.  It’s low and wears my back out.  My eyes are bad enough that I need the magnifier in order to not pierce stitches.  It sucks getting old!

And in non-whining news – M managed to crash and burn on his tri-bike yesterday.  First time that’s ever happened and he’s very lucky he wasn’t hurt more than he was (no dings in his helmet).  Besides his pride (his words, not mine) he’s sporting some magnificent road-rash on the side of his knee and he has some scratches and a gouge on the side of his bike.  Fortunately, again, he didn’t ding his deraileur and nothing seems to be out of sinc.  It would be awful to try to reset things at this stage, just 3 weeks out of his race.

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2 responses to “Can I whine?

  1. Glad to hear he’s OK and that it was only his pride and a bit of road-rash as far as injuries go. How scary!

  2. I’m sorry that M crashed. 🙁

    I know what you mean about some blog settings – sometimes I have to go through 4 steps to leave a comment (and I *do* have a blogger account…)

    Enjoy your Dyson. We got a full size Dyson at Christmas – we love it!