Still around

I don’t know why I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks. There has been plenty to blog about. Nothing over the top exciting, but my life has not ground to a standstill.

The last time I blogged about my weight I was rather indifferent to the .2 gain that I had. That was 2 weigh-ins ago. Last week I was down .6. Today, I am back up .6. My WW peeps think I’m not eating enough. I had 13 WPs left. I also had 8 PPs left last night. I am not starving. In fact, I’m rarely hungry enough to snack in the evenings, unlike before the new plan. I am NOT gorging myself on free fruits or vegetables that take up room in my stomach but still leave me tons of PPs left over at the end of every day.

So this week my plan is to eat every single point every single day and to TRY to eat every weekly point on top of that.  It was even suggested to me to use the regular foods instead of low-fat versions (mayo, cheeses, whole eggs instead of whites only, etc.). 

Today we had a birthday lunch for BigBoss at Olive Garden. There will be no problem eating my daily points today. I have 4 left over right now! The funny thing is I had a hard time making myself eat my lunch because I was full!

The other question my WW peeps asked me about was if I was meeting my GHGs and with the exception of the Healthy Oils, I am. I do attempt the oils, it’s just that our menus don’t always include oils, so I’m trying to saute more of our foods with olive oil, etc.

Exercise is the next biggie. I’ll be adding it in gradually starting this week. I had intended to do that last week but something came up healthwise for me that stalled that. Everything is a-okay now, so no more reason not to.

I know it took me a long time to get to this weight, and I’m okay that it’s going to take me a long time to lose it healthily. I figure as long as I’m eating as healthy as I can in whatever circumstance I find myself then I’m on the right track. And I refuse to give up.

I will say this, I’m down one pant size and that’s a great thing. I’m getting rid of my clothing as I shrink out of it so I’m not tempted to wear it again. I have gotten to the point that if my clothing is tight and uncomfortable it’s a huge incentive to watch what I’m eating. I don’t want the temptation of the larger clothing being available to be comfy.

Stitching. Sigh. I have been stitching, but not near as much as I should be. I am thisclose to being finished with the stitching on Summer Queen. In fact, I should be finished with it by Sunday and already beading. Nothing going on tonight and I plan to stitch after supper until it’s time for bed.

This Saturday is my monthly stitch-in and while I promised myself at the beginning of the year to only take my needlepoint piece in I may fudge on that this time so I can get.her.done! Besides….I just got my first county fair email this week. Eeek!

M is still in training mode for his upcoming half ironman.

Son is working and going to school full time.

Puppies are doing great.

333 more days!

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2 responses to “Still around

  1. Glad you are still around!!! It’s always good when the kids are working and going to school ;-). And less than a year and you’ll be in Arizona!

  2. Keep working on the weight loss – slowly but surely, before you know it, the pounds will be gone, and you’ll be on your way to AZ!