Would you like some 2PP cheese with that Whine?

I have gained 1 pound.

There are so many things going through my head as to ‘why.’

M thinks it may be water related because he says one of the things we had for supper last night was salty.  I don’t normally eat really salty foods and now I’m wondering if I’m naysaying because he’s trying to make me feel better, if he really means it, or if I’m grasping for excuses.

I’m thinking it could be the change of clothes, partially, but I am reasonable enough to know that my clothes don’t weigh that much more…or do they?  The home scale this morning showed me weighing the same today as last Thursday.

I tried to talk to my WW leader about it during the meeting because she asked if anyone had any problems non-Super Bowl related but feel like she just gaffed me off.  I had to leave before the end of the meeting because she talked a whole lot about Super Bowl temptations before she got the meeting started and I had to get back to work.

Do I feel like I failed?  Well, I didn’t think I did, just more confused.  However, I had planned on a 7 PP something for lunch and had a 10 PP something instead.  Oh, and I got a diet soda to wash it down, which means I’ve gone almost 2 weeks without drinking a diet soda.  So did I feed feelings of failure?  Maybe so.

I really don’t know how to explain how I feel except that I think my feelings are hurt that I’ve gained, and how stupid does that sound?  I had 10 more WPs left over this week than the week before and I gained.

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2 responses to “Would you like some 2PP cheese with that Whine?

  1. I know we’ve already talked about this via email, but hang in there!! {{{hugs}}}

  2. My WW leader (a man) usually advises our group to average out our weight over a few weeks because girls have hormonal issues – I know for myself this is actually true, though I find it a bit frustrating to hear it from a man.
    I spend ages on my weigh in morning trying to pick out my “lightest” clothes and shoes I don’t think I am always successful!