TUSAL Thursday and WI

Today is the day we’re supposed to share our ort collection for TUSAL.  I’ll show mine in a moment.

It’s been a fairly quick week!  I have a ton of little piddly things to do at work that keep me trotting back and forth down the hall between the filing area, copy room, and my desk.  We had a staff meeting today and we are on track to have all trials over by the end of June!!!!  Yikes!  Anyway, all those piddly things make the time go by fast.

I had a lab work appointment this morning.  It’s time for my annual physical and I always try to get my lab work and mammogram done beforehand so I can get the results at the same time I get my physical.  Because I knew I had a staff meeting at lunch (which is when my Weight Watchers meeting is), I stopped by the meeting on the way to work after the lab visit and weighed in.

Down 1.8 pounds this week!  I’ve entered a new ‘decade’ in my weightloss journey! 

I’m going to have to change my Weight Watchers’ “uniform,” too.  I have been wearing the same trousers and blouse to work on Thursdays to help me keep things as close to similar as the time before when I weigh in each week.  I can now pull those trousers on and off without undoing them 😉

To answer a couple of comments from my last post:

Susan – we are moving to Arizona.  We have been looking at homes in Mesa, Tempe, Queen Creek, areas.

Katrina – this is only the 2nd time I’ve been excited about moving.  The first time was when I moved to Japan (with a 10 day notice!). 

Figuringitallout – thanks for visiting!

Now for my TUSAL.  I love several of the Yankee Candle scents (although my favorite candle is Circle E).  I decided to repurpose some of the smaller sized candle jars for my monthly TUSAL.  So here’s January’s next to my empty jar waiting for the first ort of February.

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