There are a couple of posts I made on the old blog that I’ll be moving over here in the next few days, but from this day forward all new posts will be here.   There’s a bit of housekeeping I still need to do, and don’t expect the template to stay the same, but here I am, in my brand new home.

Please be kind enough to let me know if there’s a problem.


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4 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Welcome to your new home, Terri – I’ve added the new URL to my google reader.

  2. Looks great! 🙂

  3. I think I should have your snowy header picture! Very pretty!

    I’ll reply to your comment on my blog here on yours! We’re going to San Diego in August for a family vacation. I think we’ll be heading to all of the kid-friendly, super-busy-touristy spots lol. If the timing works, we’re going to try to meet Jill and family at Legoland. We’ll definitely be hitting Disney as well. As the time approaches, I can touch base with our dates/itinerary and you can see if something suits your schedule!

  4. Love the new site, I have everything bookmarked :-).