Networked Blogs

I have decided to deactivate my Networked Blog account. If you wish to stay connected please consider subscribing by email as a replacement, or you could go the Bloglovin’ route.

Personally, I still don’t find Bloglovin’ user friendly so I have been subscribing by emails to as many of my favorites as I can, then removing them from the reader.

Either way, I hope you stick around.

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4 responses to “Networked Blogs

  1. I’m already subscribed by email, but also subscribe via Feedly. Have you tried it as a reader? It took me a little while to get used to it at first when Google Reader went away, but I actually love it now. They have a browser-based version that can be used on desktop/laptop computers as well as mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Kindle.

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention that Pocket is another great tool I discovered after Google Reader went away. It’s awesome for saving miscellaneous posts/articles that you want to save for later reading but don’t necessary want to subscribe to the blog or website. Like Feedly, there is a web-based version, browser plugins, and mobile apps for both iOS and Android. It will even allow you to save articles for offline viewing which is great when traveling. Whenever I’m flying, I load up my Pocket account with stuff which lets me catch up on blogs during the flight using my iPad without having to pay for in-flight WiFi.

  3. I second Feedly. I’ve tried five or six readers, and I’ve found it to be the most user friendly.

    • Thanks you two. I’ll look at them both. I’ve just come to like seeing the posts in my email, and have even written a couple and asked them to add the option, and they have!