Stitching Update

I have not done any serious stitching in more than 6 months.  At the beginning of this month I wanted to get myself back into it, plus I have some obligation stitching, so I have been stitching on a very small project.  I signed up, 100 years ago (2012), for a group that has been passing this small leaflet around.

So far it has traveled from Connecticut to Pennsylvania to Iowa to Sydney, Australia, to Benoni, South Africa, to Arizona, to California, and now it’s back in Arizona.  I don’t think a single person has stitched it exactly as it’s charted.

Because the good thing that stitching brings me is ‘happiness,’ I decided to stitch it in very bright colors and it’ll hang somewhere in my studio when I’m finished.

I’m using Weeks (because I have a ton in my stash) and stitching it over 2 on Cashel.  Here’s a quick shot of what I chose.  I’ll share a photo of the finished item soon.


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2 responses to “Stitching Update

  1. I LOVE the colors you chose. They’re just so bright and cheerful!