Yep, this is going to leave a mark.

It’s numbers check in day for me, and I have a new weapon.

I know now is not that time, but since I’ve been there, done that so many times, I know there will come a point when the scale will stop moving and I will get discouraged, and that discouragement over the scale will cause me to fail.

Keeping that in mind I’ve decided to add 2 more indicators to my visual arsenal.  The first, obviously, is my scale.  Here’s what it had to say this morning: 257

Last week: 259.4
This week’s loss: -2.4
Total loss to date: -9

Yeah. You see those numbers. I’m baring my soul and putting it all out there. It’s hard, and it’s scary, but it is what it is and no matter if I put it here or not, it’s still there.


My second weapon is a digital tape measure. This one:


It is taking a bit of playing to get used to the buttons, because it will save your measurements (the saving is the part I’m having trouble with). It’s stupid easy to use just to measure, though, if you want to paper track. It has 8 default measuring areas but I only plan to track my chest, waist, and hips. These 3 will be perfect indicators for progress and figuring out what size clothing I need to be wearing.  It will also measure bicep, thigh, calf, shoulder, and neck.

Here’s what it had to say this morning:

Chest 45.5
Waist 47.8
Hips 54.8

Yeah. Ouch. But, I’m really excited for next Tuesday to get here so I can see what it says.

The third weapon in my arsenal isn’t here yet, drat, so you’re going to have to wait. 😀


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4 responses to “Yep, this is going to leave a mark.

  1. Let me know when you feel like your starting to fail and I will be your biggest cheerleader. xx

  2. I’ve always shied away from sharing my actual numbers. I guess in my mind, I always thought that if I didn’t share the number, it really wasn’t as bad as it really is. I know it’s all my own little mind game, but that’s where I’ve been.

    I was watching Extreme Weight Loss the other night and Chris Powell said something to the client when they did her initial weigh in that really struck a chord a with me. She was uneasy about stepping on the scale in a public setting and he said, “This is the hardest part about transformation and it’s not about that number. It’s saying, ‘You know what? I own it. This is me world, take it or leave.'” She then stepped on the scale and weighed in and screamed her starting weight out loud. She said, “If I continue to lie to myself and everybody else for the rest of my life, I’m just going to stay this way. So by putting my weight out there, in front of everybody, it felt freeing which sounds crazy because I never thought that it would be freeing to announce to the world how much I weigh.” Yes, I wrote it all down when the episode aired because I have a blog post coming up about it. LOL

    That digital tape measure looks cool! I’ll have to check that out.