Conquering my quilting problem

This post might get cut short since I’m waiting on the Direct TV person to show up and switch us over.  Just in time for Outlander!

I have a quilting problem.  Right.  It’s a problem, said no one honestly ever!

I managed to update my Quilting WIPs page to the best of my memory, calendared classes, and the dates on photos I could find.  I’m going to focus on the first 6 items, except Son’s quilt will be first up.  Two of the items on that list are going to go away.  The Tumbler quilt and the slippers.

No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t like the tumber quilt.  It wasn’t the tumbler pieces, it was the fabric choices.  I’ve already cut them all, and sewn some rows together, but I’m going to deconstruct the rows and put the cut pieces into my stash buckets.  They’ll be perfect for cutting down into some “Bonnie” quilts I have on my quilting bucket list (which I need to start a page for in the very near future).

The other item is the slippers I started at quilt camp I attended this past June.  I should never have started them but you know how peer pressure can be!  I didn’t get very far in the process since my fabric was tone on tone white and you could see through them to the foam we were using.  I had thought to come home and use some plain white as a second layer but then I got to thinking about the 2 pair of unopened slippers I have (one a present from Son this past Christmas).  I wear slippers maybe 2 months out of the year here.  I don’t need a 3rd pair of slippers.  So what I’ve stitched on those will also be deconstructed and put into my stash.

The other items — with the exception of the first item, my beginner sampler quilt, I really love them all and am anxious to get some plan in place to work on them.

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