Time flies when you’re having fun

This has been a weird week!  I feel like I’ve accomplished a whole lot of nothing since my last post.

Thoroughly enjoyed last Sunday’s baseball game.  Even though he’s not the fan of baseball that I am, Mister had a good time as well.

I did get to go to open stitch night at the LNS Thursday.  They were closed last week due to the July 4 holiday.  I feel like the only time I’ve been stitching lately is when I’m there, and I really need to correct that.

Yesterday Mister had his annual physical so I did some dusting downstairs (which is practically a waste of time these days – we had our first haboob yesterday) and laundry.  After he got back we headed out to have lunch and see Man of Steel.  I rarely talk about the movies we see, but will say I was a little disappointed.  I can’t put my finger on exactly what it was that was missing, but I thought the fight scene was way too long, and even caught myself yawning.

One thing I’ve been rather good at this week is piling things up on my cutting table and walking back out the door.  It’s taken me the better part of the past hour, and an episode of NCIS from Season 1 (I’m watching from the beginning), to clean it up enough to be able to cut again.  I need to get some 30s fabrics cut for hexi piecing, then get back to sewing on my gift project.  I’m [this] close to being finished.  After that I’ll be back to the cutting table working on 2 1/2″ strips for Son’s quilt.

I am still enjoying my new LQS job and am happy to see that I’m going to be working 2x a week when I return from my trip.

One last note before back to the cutting table.  I have decided that if I am ever going on a cruise it’ll be without Mister.  He’s of the mind that he “cruised” enough during his 30 years in the Marine Corps, and while I can’t blame him, it doesn’t deter my wanting to go.  So, I’ve decided to combine cruising with quilting.  As soon as I return from my trip I’m going to open a separate savings account and start putting money aside for the 2015 version of either the Legacy Quilting Voyage or Batik Cruise to the Caribbean.  The quilters I know who have been on a quilting cruise had a blast, and even if I have to go by myself, I’ll know I’ll be with like-minded people, so I’m cool with it.

Dinner out tonight with Annette and her Mister.  We’re headed to RA Sushi since they’re giving 100% of their proceeds from yesterday and today toward the recovery of the Yarnell fire and the loss of the 19 firefighters.

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2 responses to “Time flies when you’re having fun

  1. Oooh…a cruise! Navigator of the Seas is the sister ship of the one I’m going on in January, Voyager of the Seas. Nice. 🙂

  2. Another NCIS fan! I restarted watching it from season 1 (while cross stitching) about 2 month ago. I’m at season 10 now 🙂