Another stitching update

I’ve updated my SALE page once again.  I’m trying to add things to it daily, and of course take those things off that are sold.  I’m also now able to ship USPS First Class without having to go to the P.O. first.  Thank you everyone for helping me make room for more 😉

I didn’t get a much stitching time this past week as I would have liked.  I had several things take me out of the house, which means 2 hours lost each day in driving time alone.  Here are comparison shots of And They Sinned after this week:









Rather disappointing progress.  I was hoping to get all of the alphabet done. 🙁

The weather is heating up nicely here and I’m hoping this week will find me back in the pool, which means less stitching and sewing time, but I love our pool!

I’m waiting to hear from a couple of stores on some frames I ordered for a couple of last year’s finishes.  Wednesday I’m taking a field trip with Annette to check out another place in Phoenix (as well as look at some quilt stores).

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3 responses to “Another stitching update

  1. Ohhhh sooo inspiring!!! And enjoy your pool too. I sooo wished we had found the new house to rent with a pool. Oh well. I would have loved it but I shall persevere and not regret the move …. esp since the old house didn’t sell yet nor rented yet.

    Can’t wait to see what you have new to frame up!!!!

  2. Have a fun time exploring!!!!! Love your ATS :-).

  3. Any progress counts and your stitching looks lovely. Can’t wait to see these frames…