Since I switched from full crosses to Continental stitch I am really loving Scarlet Letter’s Gratitude.

Here is my first progress photo.  I have completely stitched the little lady on the right, but I obviously took this photo prior to that.  I can only work on her for a short period of time due to the stitch count so I have been saving her for stitch-in at Attic.  I have yet to decide whether or not she’ll be coming to Las Vegas with me next week (squeeeee!  Vegas!!!!  Sorry 😉 )

Scarlet Letter "Gratitude"Over 1 on 40 count

Scarlet Letter “Gratitude”
Over 1 on 40 count

I bought the majority of required DMC for Berlin Woolwork Sampler yesterday.  The store was out of a couple of colors.  Hoping to cut and serge my fabric today/tomorrow and start organizing all that floss.

If any stitching happens today, before I head to Attic for tonight’s open stitch, it will be on Fairy Moon.  It’s very hard to not keep stitching on And They Sinned.  I am really loving that piece.

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One response to “Gratitude

  1. Oh I like it a lot better since you changed over to continental stitch. Less bulky looking.

    Have fun tonight. I can’t come as I have to take DD to play with the band tonight.