A new year to blog about!

The last of my company has left and my house is so quiet now. I think Mister and I are going to spend the rest of today getting him ready for school (trip to the college bookstore?), running errands that have been put off for over a week, and hopefully some stitching for me (I didn’t get to start my New Year day project). I have stitch-in at Attic tonight and have every intention of going since I’ve missed the past two weeks. I’m also hoping to get a 2012 recap put together over the next couple of days.

Then there’s the holiday decorations to put away. I’m taking my time this year and weeding out what has been broken to throw away, and no longer used to perhaps be repurposed. Next stop, Mardi Gras decorating 😉

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2 responses to “A new year to blog about!

  1. Oh yeah!!!! I’m coming to stitching tonight as well!!! I can’t wait to see what you are going to start!

    Just came home from the new house looking at it again and getting measurements! But tonight……I’m stitching and not packing!!! I need to start my new The Scarlet Letter project anyway!