2013 Crafting Plans – Part 1

I have become interested in so many things this past year that I can’t make just stitching plans anymore!  While stitching is my predominant obsession, there is also quilting, reading, chain maille, beading, and what I call “general craftiness.”  (And, yes, I know reading is not a craft.)  I have decided to make a permanent note of some things I’d like to accomplish in 2013.  Nothing is set in stone.  I know my tastes might change, or I may not like something after I’ve tried it, so I won’t have any guilt about altering or deleting something from my list.   The main thing will be to shop my own stuff.

I’ve decided to break up my plans since the stitching portion is so large! LOL


1.  I’ve spent the past couple of weeks organizing my craft room and entering my stitching into a spreadsheet.  I pulled a whole bunch of stuff out that I know I will never, ever stitch so number 1. on my list is de-stash.

2.  Since I got to look at every single design I now own, I was reminded of so many of the things I bought and have put away that I truly love and want to complete.  Many of them purchased as kits, or kitted up by me, most of them very small stitching accessories, or tiny samplers, that I want to stitch.  I’ve put them in a basket and want to stitch from that basket first before I pull something new out of my vast selection.

Here’s a list:

Blackbird Designs – Feast of Friendship
Dessins – Deers Among Wood
Examplar Dames – And They Sinned
Needlemade Designs – ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
Needle’s Prayse – Berlin Woolwork Sampler
NeedleWorkPress – Commemorating a Centennial
Plum Street Samplers – Beans, Beans
Plum Street Samplers – Eliza Scattergood
Scarlet Letter – Gratitude
Scarlett House – Christmastide at Holly House
Blackbird Designs – Waiting for the Harvest
Cherry Wood Designs – Acorn Pincushion
Chessie & Me – Pumpkin Stack
Erica Michaels – Mending
Ewe & I & Friends – Queen of Hearts
Ink Circles – Treble, Bass, and Alto designs
Just Nan – Needle Tweets
Just Nan – Feathered Fashion
Little House Needleworks – Home of a Needleworker
Little House Needleworks – A Stitcher’s Prayer
Little House Needleworks – Scissors Bed
Little House Needleworks – Schoolgirl Lessons
Little House Needleworks – Jessie Bell – Arizona Territory
Lizzie Kate – Life’s a Stitch
Lizzie Kate – A Good Marriage
Lizzie Kate – Less is More
Milady’s Needle – Faithful Friends
Scarlett House – Emma Mills 1839
Sweetheart Tree – Teeny Wedding Announcement
Threads of Gold – Barbara Schlater
Twisted Oaks Design – Roses and Rooster
Prairie Schooler – 1987-2012 annual Santas

A bit scary, huh. These are things that have not been started! Will they all get started? Most definitely not, and even if they do I don’t promise that they’ll get finished in 2013 either. They’re just what I’m hoping to choose from when I need want a new start.

In addition to the above, I will also continue working on my WIPs. The first ones pulled are going to be Dimple Designs – Haiku, and Mirabilia – Fairy Moon. Both are very close to being finished. As mentioned in a previous post I am planning on starting Scarlet Letter “Gratitude” on Christmas day, and  will start Examplar Dames “And They Sinned” on January 1, and Needle’s Prayse “Berlin Woolwork Sampler” on January 15. As of this writing I am planning on these last two being my only large starts for 2013 while I work on some of my other larger WIPs during the year.

I’ll update on the other craftiness in the next few days.  Right now I have a third of my china cabinet spread out all over my kitchen (been moving furniture); boxes and boxes of holiday decorations piled up in the garage that Mister is patiently (for now) waiting on me to dig through for what I want to put up this year; 3 large boxes of things in my guest room that need to be sorted out so Son will have a place to sleep when he arrives; my cutting table set up in the upstairs hallway covered with beading, chain maille, wool, and quilting craft stuff I’ve been sorting; and a Coke Zero calling my name.

Oh, and for those following along.  HarleyQuinn had a successful surgery.  She is still recoverying to the point where she is still having to take pain pills.  We were warned it was major and the recovery would be slow (about a month).  She is still having some digestive problems but we think it’s due to the medicines and then change in diet she had to have due to surgery.  She had lost about a pound and a half and for her that is a LOT.  She started having her regular food worked back into her diet yesterday and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it will help with her digestive problems and get some weight back on her.  Right this second she’s taking a nap with Mister and Jasper.

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2 responses to “2013 Crafting Plans – Part 1

  1. Fun plans!!!!! That’s a big list ;-). Glad Miss Harley’s surgery was successful, hope she is feeling much better soon and puts the weight back on!!!!!

  2. Good luck with all your goals, Terri!

    Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to you and your family!