Had a hair cut this morning.  For the first time in my adult life I have tons of layers.  My stylist blew it out straight and choppy.  It’s kind of funky and I haven’t decided if I totally like it or not.  I am, however, in love with the color.  I’ll play with it some tomorrow with the straight iron.  Mister says it’s very 60s looking.  At least he did not say it made me look 60.

Worked on entering my half-sized charts today.  I seem to really like Little House Needleworks and I have a teenie The Sweetheart Tree obsession!  Of the 161 charts that I entered today, 26 were LHN, and this doesn’t count the ones I’ve already stitched.  23 were The Sweetheart Tree.  Who knew!  Well obviously I would have if I had done this a long time ago.  The great thing about this is it’s showing me just how many possible ‘smalls’ I have to work on in 2013.  By the way, am I the last person to know that The Sweetheart Tree is in Arizona?

Harley is getting better.  The swelling has reduced, her eye is completely open again, and she has even been sassy with Jasper and running circles in the backyard.  She still has a huge knot on the side of her head that’s very painful and Friday can’t get here fast enough.

Mister just left for his class tonight and I’ve finished inputting for the day so I’m dragging Haiku back downstairs and catching up on my DVR.

Tomorrow is Bag Ladies at Attic Needlework.  I can’t wait to see all the beautiful items that have been donated for this year’s breast cancer fund-raiser auction.  If you get a chance check out the newsletter at the link above.  You will be amazed at the generosity.

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2 responses to “Discoveries

  1. I demand a picture of your funky hair! =)

    So glad to hear Miss Harley is doing better!!

    • It’s not so funky now. I played with it yesterday and like it a whole lot better. My stylist used wax in it and had it going in all directions. I felt like I looked like I’d been caught in the wind I’ll see if maybe I can get someone to take a phone picture tonight.